Tournament of Champions - Kapalua


Would be great to get more of it. The interaction between Bryson and his caddie where they added in seventeen (17!) yards into a short wedge was fantastic. Seems relatively easy and cheap to get more of that, and less “you know those are actually called penalty areas now”

Also, sitting at the top of the leaderboard with a one shot lead Tway is still the 9th favorite to win.


i didnt like it because it just distracts the players and they wont say anything interesting. two of the 3 immediately hit a horrible drive after.


Question … Who’s working at Tommy Bahamas in Maui this week as it appears all of their salesman are radioing for rulings on Kapalua?


Such a great course. I’d imagine even better for the average Joe as some things aren’t in play for the pros and yet, it’s still a great tournament to watch. Yea they can shoot a million under but not everyone is…and those kona winds help provide a defense!!!

Those bunkers on 16 force strategy for 99% of golfers and there are plenty of more examples of that. Width angles etc.


Wow. Xander doesn’t back down. He’s not there week in and week out but he is the modern big game hunter and a throw back that once he’s in it - he can close. Koepka too of course.

Feel like he’s a guy Raymond Floyd and Lanny Wadkins and Payne Stewart would love. Get him on future Ryder cup teams please.

What a ballsy approach on 17.

2 years on tour and 3 wins including a WGC and tour champ. Shows up in majors posting 3 top 10s and could have won 2 of em. Runner up at players.


While the coverage has been generally good and is always comforting after a long break, I must say, if Peter Jacobsen were a graphic, he would be this:


Is it just me, or are Kapalua’s green sites incredibly dull and boring… No character or defining features


This is good watching.


Was hoping it’d be Rory making this run, but holy crap Xander is just awesome to watch right now.


X gone give it to ya! :joy:


11 under with a bogey on the 1st and a topped drive on 13. Might be shaping up for a big Xander year.


That is the most I’ve watched of that event as it is just on too late for UK viewing.

Definitely a big fan of the layout - wide open holes that should be a must for somewhere with such high winds - but there did look to be a lot of messy areas that they would have tried to sort. That said, makes a great change from the usual perfectly manicured, tree lined PGA tour venues.

I understand there is a lot of work planned on the course this year and so maybe there was a lot of maintenance they deferred until the refurb


I’d prefer that on the screen than Jacobsen spouting off every 2 seconds, maybe they could make the graphic a bit smaller but I don’t really mind it.


Xander’s approach into 18 was majestic, just went for it under pressure


Excluding #13 ?? Gotta be right?