Tournament of Champions - Kapalua

It is that time of the year again, the best PGA tournament is upon us, well at least one of them. The field, the views, the course, everything is great about this week.

What are your favorite holes at Kapalua?
Who wins?
What shots do you like watching this week?
Anyone on here going?

Let the fun begin!


I live in Wisconsin. I both look forward to and dread the views from the 17th and 18th tees as I look outside here and see snow or gray.

I’m going with Jon Rahm for the winner. Unfortunately Tiger is not playing, but I’d love to see some stinger 3 woods from him on this course. No one hits a stinger 3 wood like TW. I remember staying up late for the Ernie/Tiger playoff watching by myself when everyone else in the family went to bed, then being so excited to talk about it the next day to people at school who didn’t care. Another memory is the one where it was so windy the balls were falling off the tee and the course was basically unplayable.

I like pretty much all the approach shots on this course. For some par 4s the approach shot is the tee shot - see Dustin Johnson. It’s fun to see them control it in the wind and hit some half shots.

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Always a fun couple of weeks watching them play in Hawaii, even if Waielae is a bit dull.

Hoping we get some of this on the tournament days:


I’ll ride with Cameron Champ, mostly for selfish FredEx Cup reasons.

Holes 6, 7, 11, 12, 17, 18 are really cool and have awesome views. Well 95% of the course has awesome views but those holes are really good. The drives and approaches on 17 and 18 are my favorites to watch for the elevation but honestly, most of the course is full of fun shots.

And I agree with the OP that this might be the best PGA tournament of the year. I stand firm in my believe that if you hate Kapalua in any respect, you hate golf and should be banned from playing it. My proof…

Limited field. Damn right, winners only here baby. Also rounds aren’t slow as shit. Guys are just having fun and it usually shows.
Great course in a picturesque setting. A Coore/Crenshaw on the side of a mountain in Hawaii. When a majority of golf fans are cold and/or under snow, this is a welcome sight.
New calendar = new season. The first event of the actual season (spare me your fall season BS), the excitement is palpable.
Primetime TV coverage is the best. Don’t @ me non-Americans.


Speaking as someone on the East Coast, there are few golf viewing experiences finer than getting done with dinner and a day of watching football, turning on the Golf Channel, and allowing the beautiful vistas, whale sounds, and 400-yard drives to put your mind at ease.

Play the PGA Championship at Kapalua and Waialae on an alternating basis. Give us volcanoes, roast pork, and Golf After Dark.


I love watching the first couple rounds when it’s the first dose of golf in quite a while, and when my parents and I vacationed to Maui, we stayed 10 minutes from Kapalua, so it’s fun being familiar with the area. I like the helicopter views showing the surroundings outside the course as much as I enjoy the golf itself. Such a fun course to watch because of the laughable shots you can see on most holes but especially 6 and 18.

I’ll take DJ to go back to back and live up to my prediction he wins 6+ times this year.

Mark Rolfing looks forward to telling you guys all about the amazing wonders of Hawaii and how he loves to call it home (shoot me)

The course is fantastic (lucky enough to have played it) and the views can’t be beat… not even by Pebble.

Glad everyone agrees. Primetime golf with the views you get from this course make it very special.

As for a winner, I’ll take Rahm as I think this is the perfect way for him to jumpstart a fantastic season. (Go Devils)

Hate to say it, but Reed wins this week. That pudgy shrimp d*cked nuisance.


Mark Rolfing’s breakdown of humpback whale migratory patterns is my personal “first robin of spring”. Has his role as Mr. Hawaii become a bit of a punch line? Sure, but his knowledge of sea life is no less impressive than Johnny’s 62 at Oakmont. Put the views of Kapalua in my damn veins! I need pro-am coverage, I need golf channel “live from”, I need it all!

I bet Rolfing can also name 200 different types of fish:


Give me Big Leish at 25-1

Horschel should be suspended for the PXG cap he’s wearing right now. Dishonorable discharge.


Did I catch that wrong or did Nobilo literally mention Bryson putting with the flagstick in when he was on the freaking tee? Maybe file this under the Not Looking Forward To thread…


Rory is dressed like the damn Orbitz gnome. Who the hell is scripting this man?



How about the experiment today of interviewing guys mid round?

I loved it. By the look of it, the players were not annoyed by it at all and I assume they all gave approval pre-round.

I think this could be really cool if they keep it up.

Ill preface this by saying I love everything about this tournament for pretty much all the reasons stated above, and maybe im just looking for something to bitch about since golf is a no-go in wisconsin for the forseeable future but did anyone else find the constant discussion about the new rules rather annoying. Especially mentioning, “you can do that now” in reference to Bryson putting with the flag in. It certainly didn’t ruin the coverage for me just envoked an “ugh this again” feeling everytime we had to talk about knee-high drops, flagsticks in, or penalty areas. That aside tournament is dope, hyped to have some golf i give a fuck about back on and hoping rory gets something going these next few days.

This tournament is what 55" OLED TVs are for. Its cold in London (not Fargo cold, but still) cosying up on the sofa last night and just BATHING in Pacific sunshine was just the tonic for back to work blues.


@Tron hit the nail on the head re: mid-round interviews


As we’ve known for a while, the best audio we get every week is when the mics catch a detailed player/caddie conversation. Bryson and his guy had a great one last night, then Bones came on right after to break it down it bit. Bryson ended up overcooking his mid iron left of the green down the slope, but hearing the game plan made it that much cooler. Just mic up a few caddies, and it’d be fantastic.

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