Tourist Sauce: The Carolinas

As a main instigator here, I’ll chime in and state that I actually don’t mind shorts.

My qualm with open toed shoes has to do with oxygen recycling and re-circulation of pressurized air on planes. I also want to say that I don’t care where you wear anything otherwise, do you. Planes are just one of those things where you are impacting others with your actions.

Dress for your job, if you don’t wear a watch and teach surf lessons at turtle bay, have at it with the flops.

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Really want to like this post but gotta leave it at 69 likes for posterity.

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My question was specifically for the picture of Leo…I’m all in on flip flops and shorts

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I think we agree?

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Fuck the lemons and bail.


Made sure to put the pin placement where men would struggle to find it…

  1. During boarding…people who sit down and then decide they need to get something from the overhead bin

  2. Sits in front of plane…puts bag in overhead bin 7 rows back.

  3. support animals


I knew we would be fast friends…


I played The Old Course back in July. Check out the footwear of choice for one of my playing partners. It only sprinkled for a few minutes during the round, so he lucked out. Super nice guy, but dem sandals doe.

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Flip flops are to be worn at the beach or pool only. Anyone who wears them anywhere else is a godless hippie and hippies belong in Guantanamo.


Don’t ever go to San Clemente

sooooo my Birks are a nogo then?

Should every Tourist Sauce season feature at least one segment with @Randy as Local Tour Guide?

  • Yes
  • No

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Why have an option no sane person would vote for?

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I voted no. I couldn’t handle it if it actually happened. I would want @Randy off NLU and on the Travel Channel.


Sounds like a one way ticket to Gitmo but you deserve due process

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Is shorts on a plane forbidden?

The best part about this was @djpie trying to peek over the fence and, based on the camera work, you could tell he was trying to get up on his tippy toes to get any sort of look

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before we proceed…i would like your stance on white belts…