Tourist Sauce Season 3 Recomendations - California Road Trip


2 lesser known gems in Monterey area. Great value.
Tough greens!! Hit multiple chips that I thought were good only to watch them never stop and roll off the other side


To be clear: rustic is at least an hour from LA proper. Rancho Park might be another good fit. Pretty big drop from RC to RP


One I haven’t seen mentioned is Morro Bay Golf Course, it’s about an hour and a half south of Monterey, just north of San Luis Obispo. Owned by SLO county, sits right along the Bay, super reasonable pricing, and it’s a good halfway point right in the central coast. Not going to blow you away, but a fun track as a change of pace.


i assume goat hill is definitely on the list.


If you’re going to be starting south of LA, and if you’re checking out Goat Hill, might want to see about playing Marine Memorial Golf Course at Camp Pendleton. Tons of rich history there (since it’s on base), very walkable, open to civilians, just completed a restoration not too long ago as well.


Tourist Sauce Season Three - A Military Tribute


NLU presents a military tribute to tourist sauce


What about off-course activities during the NLU West Coast swing?

What ideas do people have for beers, meals, and off-course #content?

I’m thinking post-round Negronis at The Pine Inn once @Soly has shot even par at Cypress…


Ill recommend Chardonnay Golf Club in Napa Valley. Loads of fun playing around, through, over vineyards


Very surprised to scroll through this entire thread and not see a mention of Half Moon Bay. #18 on the Old Course almost worth the price of admission alone. Rest of the course is somewhat pedestrian but I can also vouch for bagpipes coming off the 18th and we know that gets the boys feels up. Can’t speak to Ocean Course but its supposed to have a better run along the coast. And I’m sure one of the guys has enough Starwood/Marriott points stashed to spring for a night at the Ritz.


Not sure if anyone else saw they NLU crew’s Insta stories this morning, but they just left to film Season 3!!! Nice surprise for the Monday after the Super Bowl!


Baylands on the other side of the bay is similar.


Sharp Park could also use the publicity to help with the restoration.


Do we know what the turn around time is for this? 6 months? 9 months? I have honestly no idea how long it takes.


I think they filmed Scotland in June and it didn’t come out until November


La Purisima (AKA La Piranha by us Locs) in nowheresville of Lompoc, CA. It’s a challenging course and worth every penny. “Outstanding, an excellent value… A total hidden gem… A nice setting with spectacular vistas and rolling hills.” —Golf Digest, Best Places to Play


And they can take a quick detour to see where Dominic Toretto spent two years of his life!


I’m curious how much the accessibility and price of a course matter for the Tourist Sauce show. I know that there is a fixed budget on the Strapped series (excluding the disgrace at Taconic) but does the NLU crew try to keep within an overall budget for Tourist Sauce? Do they also try to play courses that the average golfer can play or is the main focus on highlighting cool golf courses/experiences? Any ground rules @NoLayingUp?


Really depends on where in LA you’re staying and how far you’re willing to drive.

Industry Hills ($60 on Mondays)
Olivas Links (Ventura)
Oak Quarry (Riverside)
Santa Anita & Brookside (very busy, but have some fun holes)


It’s kind of a new dynamic here. They certainly played some high end private types in previous seasons but the “private” model in the UK and Australia is different and more accessible as a guest or tourist than in California. If I had to guess, it will be higher end exclusives that their Callaway friends arrange with some accessible munis or public’s mixed in.