Tourist Sauce Season 3 Recomendations - California Road Trip


@djpie requested the internets give recommendations for where to visit for the Season 3 road trip up the Left Coast. So, gents, what do we want to see from the boys!? What fits with the ethos of Tourist Sauce in your minds in California?


I think I also heard between Los Angeles and San Francisco, so that narrows the geography a little more.


It’s much easier to say what I don’t want to see. And that is the Pebble properties. It just doesn’t need to be done.


True. We’ll put some fuzzy edges on the boundaries for the sake of widening the recommendations. I’d say as far south as Oceanside counts and Sacramento to the north is in bounds for this discussion.


Rustic Canyon in Moorpark. It’s gotten plenty of love on this site previously but would be on the way north out of LA not far from the 101 freeway. It’s a Hanse/Shackleford design. It’s a rare public course that is affordable in the LA region. Also a great excuse to get both Hanse and Shack in some more NLU content.

Edit: cue the obligatory “Can I like Geoff Shackleford?” thread


Gleneagles in SF
Play Sharp Park in Pacifica.
Pacific Grove in Monterey area

California is full of awesome course that are closed to most of us regular folk, i.e. Cypress, SF Club, Riviera, so the above are available to anyone.


An outing at Rancho Santa Fe with Phil and whoever Phil invites needs to happen, whether in TS or as a stand alone thing. Being he’s a Callaway guy and they had the brief pod with him, it seems plausible. Unless he was actually as annoyed by DJ’s leather jacket opener as he portrayed himself as being.


Los Verdes - NLU vs The Clock, can the guys finish their round in less than 7 hours? It’s gonna be close.
Penmar by the Sea - Low flying planes coming into the Santa Monica airport will test NLU’s sound editing skills


Perfect opportunity for the Strapped v. Tourist Sauce episode where Trust Fund @Tron and Globalist @Soly play at the Riv or LACC and @Randy and @TheMerchCzar head to Rancho Park.


Get up to Northwood. Is that possible?

Is Season 3 definitely California?

I’d love to see a combo season of Alaska & Hawaii. Hasn’t been done, be the first.


Play courses that normal folks can actually get on. I really like Presidio in SF.


That’s a tough one. Just glancing at a list of top courses, it’s heavily private and then a surprising number in the desert. So I assume all of those would be off the list. Good for them if they can get access but not at all part of the Tourist Sauce vibe. This is partially why I think the Pebble resorts could get some playing time, accessible (in the loosest sense of the word) but still well-known. Pasa is probably the one course that fits the vibe more than any other.

Gonna be weird as shit though going from hospitable, natural Scotland to pretentious, over-populated, possibly on fire California.


Been 15 years since I played it, but I recall that Sandpiper was very good - maybe a half hour north of Santa Barbara.


They could check out the newly renovated Corica Park South course in Alameda. It’s a muni that just got totally rebuilt in a sand belt style. Firm and fast with some fun green complexes.


Not to be a hater but I don’t think I’d be very interested in a CA version of Tourist Sauce. Seems less “Tourist” to me. I’d still watch it, and likely 100% of it on the day each episode drops.


Make sure the boys bring their own tees if they’re going to be playing muni golf.


I played Sharp Park and was a little frustrated at the beginning because my brother forced me to pass on a tee time at Pasatiempo. Once I relaxed a little bit, it was a blast. Super fun and quirky. Plan on making a second visit next time I am out that way.

Mare Island was also sneaky fun. Nothing too crazy, but i enjoyed.

Shoreline is unique and should speak to Neil as it is on the back of Google’s Campus


non golf suggestion: midnight hot tubbing at the esalen institute in big sur, a unique experience


Strapped would be better off playing the Rancho Par 3 course. Bang for your buck!


I reckon Mexico on the Riviera Maya.

I’ve been on holiday there but not to golf, but there did seem to be a lot of golf on offer around Playa Del Carmen and guess Cancun would be the same.

Accessible tourist spot for Americans as well as popular with plenty of GB & I folks.

However I do think they have set the bar too high with the courses in Scotland. Potentially a lot of ‘touristy’ resorts will have mediocre golf courses.