Tourist Sauce, Season 2 (SCOTLAND)


@Randy is my spirit animal


“A Neil director’s cut version [of the entire season 2] would be hilarious.”

I came here to say this.


I enjoyed the episode. It was a nice change up from the normal format. I wouldn’t want every episode to be like that, but I think it played.


I think this episode was solid, but could even give birth to a new series of #content. Just go out and film more rounds and then come back and have Neil just roast you guys as the narrator. Almost like a Mystery Science Theater 3000 sort of thing. Maybe some times he could bring in a guest roaster, or have 1 of you guys sit in to defend your actions/attire.


Serious question here. Is Neil able to turn it off or has he just completely turned himself into a bit? Agree with you that everything he does is hilarious. Loved the travel pod w/ you and Schuster boys


My impression is Neil is Neil, authentic to the core and he isnt putting a show on for anyone


Agreed. I think this is what growing up with Tron does to you.


Ok I finially watched the Castle Stuart episode. Overall I though the episode was good. Great images and I liked seeing more shots and the discussion around the shots. Neil had some funny comments but I do think that it would have been a bit better with one of the 4 guys who was on the trip commentating. i do think it might be funny to randomly have Neil appear in the corner of he screen with random comments from time to time though.


Loved the Castle Stuart episode. I thought Niel’s comments were great…not too much but just enough to add a different perspective. He likes green. I get that. I love green too, but I can embrace brown if I’m faced with it. That’s what the NLU guys do over there and they enjoy the hell out of those rounds because of those conditions. If I showed this episode to my dad or most of my friends they would probably say the same thing about it looking like crap. If it rained at all that summer it would be green!

I thought it was fun to see the shots coming into the greens and some putts being made. The on course commentary was hilarious. And @Randy, some advice about the putting. I’ve had very similar struggles and I’ve found a thought that works. Putt with your shoulders. It’s hard to impossible to control the putter head with your hands and arms, so let them do nothing and just move your shoulders. Rotate your shoulders more or less depending on the length of the putt. That’s it.


I really liked this. Neil’s humour shines through. It was just like watching it with one of my mates (rather than my wife wondering wft I’m laughing at).


@djpie … Episode 10 incoming?


Today at 11 am ET!


Got the big TV reserved!


here’s my 2 cents on Castle Stuart

  1. The short bag section, between DJ, Randy and Tron is the MAIN REASON I watch this stuff. The banter. Spontaneous hilarious stuff…“the tent needs to be taller too” is GD genius level stuff.
  2. I like Neil’s chatter…I thought the lead in part didn’t work, but I get you’re trying stuff out. Him not going and being “bitter” about it (real or fake, who cares…funny), but the “I don’t know anything” “I’m just reading it” stuff was not as funny.
  3. Top Gun reference made it all ok
  4. For the first time on this trip, you guys all looked like sticks


I’d love to see in 2021 all of the NLU crew “Living Under Par”. With more and more golf, rooting for them to be bonafide sticks.


Great episode. Makes me want to move to Scotland.


Nairn episode is fantastic. And for a membership that cheap, shouldn’t Bacon have some money left over to buy a set of Callaways?


I chuckled at the blurred Titleist headcover in Bacon’s background.



Hey, isn’t Bacon’s podcast sponsored by Ogio, a company owned by Callaway


Another great watch , Nairn is a good solid course always is in great condition but its not worth £160 a round, been luck enough to play it with a member which was good good ,the clubhouse is class everything about it is classy the archive room is something else .

Looking forward to Brora as we might go up there in April for a weekend