Tourist Sauce Music?

Thanks All. I got some more from Strapped last night. I’ll add them and these to the playlist. Much appreciated.

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I have an Amazon music playlist with all the music I’ve found in the different videos. If I can figure out a good way to share it, I’ll post it.

Put the videos on and when the song starts, ask Siri what song it is. She will tell you. That is how I became an Ufo Ufo fan during Strapped Reno.

@tdogg21 - that would be awesome, I’d love to compare my Spotify list to your Amazon one.

@ScottW - Yup! Fools is good one by Ufo Ufo. I’m really enjoying the Steady Flow tunes from Peoria. I’ve been using the same method as you but using Shazam.

@BreakfastBaller latest couple drops of have been solid, well done and thank you!

Thanks @TK2575, it’s been fun. Have a golf trip coming up in October so there may be a couple more drops before then.

Found a few more…

Apologies if its noted somewhere, but do you happen to have the song from Carolinas PInehurst #3 episode that starts at about 4:15? The horns are sick and I feel like I know the song but can’t place it.

Thanks @TK2575…just got these added!

I think I posted the question about the song in the Pinehurst #3 episode above to the wrong person. If you have that tune please let me know.

@BrooklynAJ - That song is Honey Bee by the Soul Shifters. I don’t see it on Spotify so I couldn’t add it to this playlist:

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Thanks so much!

No worries. If you find it somewhere let me know, it does rock!

It looks like the album is forthcoming on iTunes (seems it will be available Oct. 16, and you can preorder now). You can listen to a longer snippet - but not the full song - now. It’s been on repeat all morning. The album title is Shakedown and Honey Bee is the 3rd track.

Awesomesauce. I’ll get it added on the 16th!

Thank you for this playlist, it has helped me find a ton of songs that I couldn’t find anywhere else! I don’t suppose you know the song that starts around the 12 minute mark of the Gearhart episode?

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Yeah, I’m looking for the same track, Shazam not quite cutting it! Ha

@BreakfastBaller do you happen to know the absolute funk that showed up in episode 1 of Oregon TS? It also showed up in the NLU cup at sweetens episode 2.

Got the Spotify playlist too thanks a bunch for that! Again low key mvp goes to @djpie for music and production … outstanding.

Outstanding for sure! I haven’t been able to dig into the music on the new episodes yet. Hopefully I can soon and I’ll let you know if I find it.

Sweet! You have carved out a nice niche as the Music Czar here. :rofl:

Really appreciate the list you’ve made!