Tourist Sauce Music?

Not sure if any has asked this yet or not, but does anyone know (or the NLU guys can chime in) the music that was used in Tourist Sauce season 1? I like all the background tracks and think that they would be great in a playlist.

Thanks in advance!

The song they used at the end was Down Under by Men at Work.

I have listened to it about once a day since the season ended.

I think they used some of Iration’s music, which btw, Iration’s newest album can be listened to on Amazon Prime Music. Very good.

I am trying to find the theme music to Season 2. Anybody know what it is?

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Not what you’re looking for, but the bagpipes song from the trailer is Highlanders by Andrei Skliarov.

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Hey guys,

Due to the nature of music licensing and film, 99.9% of the songs we use are from various websites that specialize in commercial licensing. Most of the time these websites are slinging tracks created purely for licensing (with a few exceptions). This makes the “who wrote this song!?” question a little complex – usually it’s an artist that’s creating a track to sell and may or may not even be a part of a traditional band. We try and find the most authentic & real sounding tracks, but it’s a tough balance of cost vs what’s readily available to license.


Thanks so much for this. It’s a big ask but I am organising a golf trip and pulling together a playlist - might you have a list of all the songs used across your different content that would likely be readily available?
Thanks man and keep up the good work!

Any luck hp? I’m currently manually looking through credits to build a playlist. Some stuff isn’t in credits so looking around here as well.

No luck yet unfortunately! Do you mind posting here what you have found so far?
Thanks man!

Sure…got about an hour so far, here’s a link to Spotify playlist:

and a screenshot:

If you find more, let me know!


You’re a legend. Thanks so much!

Pretty sure this one was in an Strapped episode. I think some of these on the playlist were (also?) in Strapped, so hopefully this is applicable.

Thanks Tom! Strapped certainly qualifies, just looking for NLU and NLU adjacent stuff. Much appreciated!

Ha! Attack! from Strapped Baltimore is on Spotify too:

Another discovery from the Scotland season

Nice find. Sounds similar to the music that starts at the 5:30 mark of Season 2 Episode 9 (Castle Stuart). I was hoping to track that down.

I also believe its from the Putting Game at the Duck’s Inn

Yes, definitely from Putting Game. It’s not from Episode 9 but sounds similar. Maybe same artist?

Another strapped cut to add to this playlist

I’ve pulled probably every track Ian has made. Peppered throughout all the vids

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