Tour Pro For-A-Day ... What are your dream sponsors?


Mizuno 10 club deal. Free market for woods.
Cleveland 3 wedge deal. I’d play a Z star if that was part of the deal.
Bettinardi. Local and I want to be on team LPCP with Kuch.
Truelinks shoes (now that they are back to not sucking)

Misc :
Corvette. I want to be the hero for the baby boomers.
Tax Slayer. because Patrick Reed is a quitter.


Equipment: Callaway
Apparel: Peter Millar
Shoes: GFore
Watch: Tag Heuer
Wildcard 1: Mercedes-Benz
Wildcard 2: Casamigos Tequila


Equipment: Srixon Irons/Ball.
Apparel: Travis Mathew
Shoes: Say what you will about Skechers but they are comfortable and the looks are improving. Also, KUUUUUCH.
Car: Jeep. I don’t understand why this brand is already on the shirts of tour players. Some GC’s are nearing the price of an entry Mercedes.
Wildcard 1: TopGolf
Wildcard 2: Shake Shack. Best burger hands down, don’t @ me.


Clubs: Callaway
Apparel: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: FJ
Car or Watch: Car, Aston Martin
Wildcard 1: Copenhagen
Wildcard 2: WheelsUp


Equipment: Titleist
Apparel: Greyson (LOVE this up and coming brand)
Shoes: Footjoy ProSL’s
Watch: Breitling
Wildcard 1: Four Seasons
Wildcard 2: Lululemon


Clubs & Ball : Callaway
Apparel: Holderness and Bourne (incredibly good clothing. Wish I could afford more of it and had more access to it)
Shoe: Ecco or FJ
Accessories: Piedmont Leather
Car: GMC (not sexy but hard to beat)


I’ve got to go TaylorMade (néed hose drivers!),
Peter Millar
Net Jets
Four Seasons Hotels
Capital Grille


Nice call on the liquor sponsor. I went restaurant.


UA Clothing
Cobra Clubs
Scotty C Putter
Footjoy Kicks


Clubs: BB&F Co. I’d use Callaway woods and a T.P. Mills putter
Ball: Kirkland
Clothing: Lulu lemon. They really are the best
Shoes: either Gfore or FJ
Bag: Mackenzie
Hat: Buck club, Fried egg and NLU
Accessories: Shinola watches and Jeep. (I’d drive a wrangler)


Equipment: Titleist
Clothing: Travis Mathew
Shoes: Footjoy
Watch: Rolex

Wheels Up/ NetJets

I’ve always loved Adam Scott’s sponsorship game. Really like Cantlay’s at the moment


No Mizzen + Main yet? ROI on the Phil sponsorship is suffering.


Equipment: Titleist
Clothes: Linksoul
Shoes: Nike
Watch: A/P
Hat: Jones Golf Bags

Wildcard/Bag: MONSTER

Always respected Kuchar’s sponsorship game, everything about him is full of Dad moves. Bridgestone, Skechers, Workday. Then he tops off the look with the over applied but under rubbed in sunscreen on his face.


Equipment: Cobra
Apparel: Peter Millar
Shoe: Biion
Car: Jeep Wrangler
Wildcard 1: Wheels Up
Wildcard 2: Chick Fil a


Equipment: Titleist
Apparel: Lululemon (Incredibly comfortable and versatile)
Shoes: FJ
Watch: Bremont (I’m an aviation guy)

Porsche (Turbo S is the dream!)
Toss up between John Anthony Vineyards or Hawk and Horse to stock the wine cellar


Equipment: Callaway
Apparel: Nike (No blade collars, no scripting)
Shoe: Nike
Watch: Apple (yeah I’ll grab some other product while I’m in here, thanks guys)
Wildcard 1: Wheels Up
Wildcard 2: Ritz Calton


Equipment: Callaway
Apparel: Callaway Japan (Just call me Ryo IshiCurtis Luck)
Shoes: FJ
Watch: Garmin
Wild Card 1: Taco Bell (I’m begging Taco Bell to sell the Wes Bryan belts)
Wild Card 2: Austin Country Club just so I can become a member