Tour Pro For-A-Day ... What are your dream sponsors?


Pretend you’re a tour pro; who are you begging your agent to sponsor you?
Pick 1 equipment manufacturer, 1 apparel company, 1 shoe company, 1 watch/car and 2 wildcards.

Ex: Titleist, Peter Millar, FootJoy, Rolex, NetJets and NLU for the towel

Follow-up: what current tour pro are you most jealous of their sponsorship lineup?

May we all pray this NASCAR’ification of golf never happens again:


Ahhhh the classic sponsorship game, love it.

Callaway ($$$ play of course)
Peter Millar (don’t sleep on receiving all clothing for off the course, delivered each season)
Nike shoes
Wheels Up


Titleist, Peter Millar, Footjoy, Tesla - Head to toe.



Napa Auto Parts
J.G. Wentworth


Athletes Collective

Blue Apron

I will be a podcast legend.


Great Question

Equipment: Gotta be Titleist (this post might get taken off the forums by soly)
Apparel: Gotta go RLX Ralph Lauren, I feel like JT and Smylie always look fresh
Shoe: FJ all the way
Watch: Omega
Wildcard 1: Smoothie King, feel like the logo would be sick
Wildcard 2: Throw a slick Hooters logo (channeling inner Daly) on some MyJoys and guaranteed youre walking away with a top 10

NLU for the towel of course

Gotta say JT has some of the best sponsors hands-down


Equipment: Titleist
Apparel: Nike
Shoe: Nike
Watch: Breitling
Wildcard 1: Barstool Sports (Viva!)
Wildcard 2: Maserati


Equipment: Callaway (since I’d assume they’d have to do the whole bag they are who I’d want to do top to bottom)
Apparel: Polo Golf for sure. Clean looks, but I’d need to lose the gut to make it work.
Shoes: Footjoy (Icons specifically)
Watch: Tag Heuer
Wildcard 1: UBS (probably some sick corporate events you’d have to do)
Wildcard 2: Winnebago (get a tricked out RV to travel the Tour a la Daly)

NLU towel I’d rep for free.

Best pros today: Probably JT and Spieth

  • Taylormade equipment
  • Nike/UnderAmour apparel or Peter Millar (no polo, hate that big horse).
  • NLU on the side of the hat.


this is a polo shirt that is one of my favorites. definitely a bit pricey but none of the large pony logo stuff which i agree is soooo gaudy


Cameron Studio to get a personal created Circe T for me


Equipment: Titleist, specifically for access to Circle T putters
Apparel: toss up between Peter Millar and Polo
Shoe: FootJoy, especially with the return of the FJ Classic (1857 Collection)
Watch - or - Car: Rolex
Wildcard 1: Wheels Up
Wildcard 2: A luxury golf resort like Lefty had with Grayhawk and now the Greenbrier. Maybe the Floridian?

I used to think Adam Scott had the ultimate lineup with titleist, burberry, fj, rolex and mercedes. JT might be the leader now.


PXG ( so I can sell the clubs after the round)
Nike (no blade collars though, I’m only team mock turtleneck)
Air Jordan kicks (the new threes that are coming soon, are insane)

Wild Cards
Tums and Charmin. They are the most useful products for my game.


Equipment - Taylor Made
Apparel - Travis Mathew
Watch - Rolex
Shoe - FJ
Wildcard 1 - Wheels Up
Wildcard 2 - BMW


I think I’d want a combo of Rickie and JT’s sponsors.

Ralph Lauren or Peter Millar
Imperial Headware (gotta have a real tour visor)
WheelsUp or NetJets
Casamigos, which gets a really good in with Discovery Land Co. to play all their properties in the off season

  1. Resurrect Henry Griffith’s
  2. Whoever make’s Jim Furyk’s clothing
  3. Skechers
  4. Geld-Wen baby


Hmm, let’s see if I can channel my inner millennial for this…

Mizuno - (love everything but the blue in the woods, I’d see if I could get the Bubba treatment and custom one in black) ball would be a Chromesoft only because NLU said it has to be.
lululemon - go ahead, call me all the names you want…I deserve it. BUT their pants are soooo comfortable to golf in and I think they make polos? It’d be something different and take this whole athliesure trend on tour to a whole new darker level
True linkswear - did I mention I was trying to be as millennial as I can here?
Moto 360 smart watch - trying too hard to be modern yet? probably
wildcard 1: Clash of Clans? Reddit? Whatever else the kids are into these days
wildcard 2: IN-N-OUT Burger. Mans gotta eat.


Magnum Condoms
Full Tilt Poker
Any brand of vodka, except Popov…that shit is disgusting



Man, 19 posts and no one is an Under Armour guy?? I’m 39 and been wearing UA since my early 20’s:

Equipment: Miura (I currently have the clubs and worst kept secret that Tiger used Miuras and Nike just dropped their stamp on them. They don’t market but why can’t I be the first??)
Apparel: Under Armour
Shoes: Under Armour
Watch/car: Honda (don’t wear watches and not a car guy) Honda’s last forever, super reliable (like my short game… ha)
Wildcards: Chik fil-a (I live in NY and lack easy access to a spicy chicken sandwich, can this get me free yearly supply to my house?) and The Buck Club (love ya @RaynorMan)