Top Golf Vegas Help


I am planning the bachelor party for a good friend in April, and amid coordinating with a concierge and mapping stuff out for the weekend, I wanted to set a pre-game at Top Golf on night 2. I have yet to try it out as they have not come to Canada (yet), but have heard good reviews from people who went.

Has anyone been to the Vegas location? More specifically, have you been in the context of a bachelor party, and do you see value in booking a private area with food and a dedicated waitress serving everyone?

Based on the per-person price, it seems like a relatively cheap and fun way to loosen up for the night ahead. The group going are almost all golfers, which helps.

Thoughts and experiences would be appreciated.


Top Golf in general is quite good fun. It’s like a cross between bowling and golf. If you see it as a stand alone golf related hour of fun it’s a laugh. But don’t take it too seriously. It’s not a substitute for playing it even practicing on the range.

I’ve been to the set up at the MGM and it’s great. All lights and music and the hottest waitresses you’ve ever seen (who I’m sure are also very well educated and delightful human beings who have much more to contribute to society than being hot and I accept that because I’m not a sexist pig). I’d definitely give it a go for a game or two before a night out. And it’s waaaay cheaper than any strip club (where the employees are also well educated and delightful) though we all know you’ll end up there at some point too.


Make sure you have it set up that you can play beforehand. If not there will be like a 5 hour wait, its insane. That location is absolutely awesome though. With mostly golfers would be a fun way to do a pre game. Just go to hakkasan after in the MGM if you’re into the club thing too.


I just did my bachelor party in Scottsdale, AZ last year and we all went to the Waste Management Open. We went to the Top Golf Scottsdale location and booked 2 private bays (for about 16 guys). It was great - we had food and beverage minimums that we easily covered by drinking a ton and ordering a bunch of apps for everyone to share… maybe the best part was knowing for sure we had a reserved spot and not having to deal with not getting in or having to wait 2 hours.

Great experience and would def recommend if you’re planning ahead.


Try to get a reservation if possible for your group or plan on getting ahead of time in case there is a wait. I went in March before noon and there was a 2.5 hour wait so we bailed.


They need to pay for law school somehow.


To be fair the strippers in Vegas earn way more than any lawyers. The last one I spoke to had a property portfolio of 6 houses, all of which she’d paid for with cash.

Funny story - she’d just got back from a trip home to her family in Wisconsin. They had a family BBQ and she got really wasted. Her family didn’t know what she does in Vegas but she was so wasted she started stripper dancing with her uncle! Everyone was like “What does she do in Vegas again?” :joy: