Top 5 hidden gem golf courses in your state

Comment below the state you live in and your top 5 favorite hidden gem golf courses in them!

North Carolina:

Eagle Chase
Asheboro Muni
Smokey Mountain
Oak Hollow

Hope Valley
Blowing Rock
CC of Sapphire Valley
High Meadows



Orchard Ridge CC
Fort Wayne CC
Noble Hawk


What on earth is going on with the fairways at Stonhenge?

It looks like they took target golf to an extreme, and only mowed out the landing zones on each hole. The par 5s look insane.

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Certain holes can feel like target golf for sure, but the aerial photos are misleading. A few of the par 5’s are actually gettable. I played HS regionals at this course, and my memory of it was that it was very stressful under the pressure, but rather enjoyable when we weren’t taking it so seriously during practice rounds.


man i love Lexington GC for some reason



  1. Springfield CC
  2. Granville/Denison (the 14 remaining Ross holes are least)
  3. Sleepy Hollow — Stanley Thompson design just begging for a restoration
  4. Columbus CC
  5. Fowler’s Mill — early Pete Dye also begging for restoration

I’m just gonna list my general area, live in upstate SC so there may be some east Georgia or southwest NC on the list. I’m probably missing the point of this thread with some of the ones I’m listing but I don’t think any of these get the credit their due.

  1. Musgrove Mill - most people know of it but most people haven’t gone to Clinton, SC to play it. The King designed it and it’s a phenomenal track.
  2. Cliffs at Mountain Park - hard to get on but Gary Player design, remarkable use of a small plot of land and a fun round. Doesn’t get talked up as much as it should. Only about 25 minutes outside of downtown Greenville located in Marietta, SC.
  3. Arrowhead Pointe - located on a National Park, the back 9 out by the lake is spectacular for the cost. Can rent a cabin down there and play for the weekend on the cheap. It’s rarely busy. Located in Elberton, GA. Designed by Bob Walker (who did the original Jax Beach design).
  4. Camden Country Club - private but I’ve been able to call and get on; absolutely hated it the first time I played it but it’s really grown on me. Short, tricky Donald Ross design. Never gets mentioned with the best courses in the state but I really enjoy it.
  5. Asheville Country Club - also a Donald Ross design, it was completely renovated within the last 3-4 years and it’s fantastic. The CGA holds some events there every year so you can get a chance to play it if you’re not a member. I hate mountain golf typically but this one uses the elevation changes really well.

not sure how hidden among refugees, but to the mass public, for CT, i’d nominate:

Fenwick - 9 holer in Old Saybrook. Quirky, coastal, fun as hell.
Shennecosset - Donald Ross in Groton. Not many repeat holes here. Lots of variance.
Hotchkiss - 9 hole Raynor in NW CT on campus of the prestigious prep school. Public.
Keney Park in Hartford - Think most are familiar with it and the renovation/restoration. Not sure which is more appropriate.
Wintonbury - Bloomfield CT. RIP Pete Dye. Legit, tough test in northern CT


How about CT National? Granted I’ve only played three courses in CT but the solid rates and secluded location stand out to me

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Never played it so can’t comment. Sounds like we need to make a date of it this season.

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I’ll let others fill in for MA but I’ll nominate the following. Caveat I think it’s hard to have a hidden gem in the Boston metro area due to the fact that there’s so few courses for so many golfers. Think you really have to travel away from the city to find the real gems. Sure you can list many private courses (Eastward Ho!) that are hidden gems but how many of them are we really going to play?

The Ranch - (Southwick, 18 hole Damian Pascuzzo)
Marion Golf Club - 9 hole, 1904 George Thomas design
Crumpin Fox (Bernardston)
Red Tail
The Orchards - South Hadley, 1922 Donald Ross, little known host of the 2004 US Womens Open


I went with courses I have played. Not ones my wife told me I could not.


I’d throw in fairways at twin lakes. Little 9 holer in Kent that would be ridiculous if it was 18 holes.

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Delaware Springs
Cedar Crest
Texas Star
Pine Dunes
Brackenridge Park

Honorable mention - The Bandit & Lighthouse Country Club


Agreed. I’ve played a couple State Opens there and always thought the course offered the proper amount of risk/reward.

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1 Pottawatomie GC
2 Coyote Creek
3 Prairie View GC
4 Geneva CC (Private)
5 Whitetail Ridge


But in all seriousness, if anyone goes to central Ohio and does not make an effort to play Springfield you are doing yourself a disservice.


Kent, England…

Knole Park – undulating, scenic half-park, half-heathland course set in a deer sanctuary. Should be ranked way higher & would be an easy commute from London for tourists.

Leeds Castle – 9 holes around the moat of what Leeds Castle claim’s the most picturesque castle in the world. The golf course doesn’t even have a road sign & you park in a pub.

Hever Castle – here you don’t see the castle but it’s a fun, water-laden layout always in great condition. Has a self-proclaimed ‘Amen Corner’.

Littlestone – the forgotten links course, quieter and cheaper than the big names up the coast. Set in one of the UK’s driest areas & has a 5000 yard course too.

Shooters Hill – I could name better 18s but it’s near London, I’ve never seen it mentioned anywhere and it’s a hilly, fun Park Jnr & Colt layout. Far superior to nearby Royal Blackheath.