Tobacco Road

not a bad walk if you are used to walking. as others mentioned few longer stretches between holes but nothing too terrible

I’d absolutely recommend walking it. Such a unique spot and in my experience, walking is the best way to truly experience the scale, width, elevation changes, etc.

I’ll admit 9-10 was longer than I expected and I somehow managed to not see the obvious path from 12-13! 14-15 is a decent walk too, but again, I see it as all part of the experience … Plus you get to scope out the pin on 16 – very helpful!

I walked it. It’s a long walk but certainly doable. Just a couple/few long green to tee connections. But the best way to connect with the sheer brilliance/absurdity of this layout is to walk it.


Wanted to follow up on this. Ended up walking and folks, it did NOT disappoint. Just the sheer scale of everything was incredible.

I can remember just about every hole and how I played it. I’m not even a decent golfer and I was still able to have a blast, 11/10 would recommend to anyone remotely interested in playing it. As long as you have a yardage book you’re fine, I never felt like the course was ever close to unfair.


AWESOME! Anybody that likes TR is definitely #woke on the OldManShortGame scale of wokeness.

Love that you walked it too. I’m playing it this Sunday morning, will probably ride this time as I have a little stroll on #2 in the PM on same day.


I’m sure it’s been said to you but make sure you have enough time between rounds, TR trends long on the clock and id hate to be rushed to get to a tee time at #2

Yes that’s my biggest fear. I walked TR in about 4.5 hours last year, not rushing, on a slow day. On Sunday I’ve got a 7:50am tee time, so shouldn’t get bogged down with slowpokes ahead. 2pm tee time on #2. I think it should be fine but I’m slightly anxious about the timing. I have played 2 before so that eases the fear a bit

So for context we walked TR at 7:50 back in February in some driving rain so it was slower than I think we could have gone, and we had a 1:50 at Pine Needles that we still had time to get lunch and a beer before our tee. Thinking you should be okay considering it was a slow morning in general for us

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Gracias señor.

to me, if i can remember the holes and what i did on them, its a sign of a good course; when they run together and nothing stands out, meh


I think you might not remember clearly every hole at the Old Course the first time you play it though…

Played today and can say it was probably the most fun I have ever had on a golf course. This place is like Disneyland for golf.


Couldnt agree more GMN. Played there last Friday on a little Pinehurst getaway weekend and it was my favorite of all the courses we played (TB, Pinehurst No. 4, The Cradle, Forest Creek South, Duke, UNC Finley, Pine Needles, and Mid Pines). Incredibly fun and unique…love Strantz. I can see why people say he is more of an artist than an architect.

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We played and it was 102 feeling like 115. They brought out ice towels to use about every 4-5 holes.

Awesome touch of service for that day.

So we drove the round because of the heat. Was crazy to drive around in the waste areas all day.

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Last time I played there, was cruising to a decent score until I got to 18. Tee shot hits the wooden guardrail against the cart path, ball veers left into the woods. Find the ball, take 2 to get out. Shank my 4th into a bunker on the side of the hill 50 yards short of the green. Ball disappears. Hit my sixth right of green. 7th into the green, Two putt for a 9. Shot a 92.


Great pics! My brother and I played 36 here last week at the tail end of a Pinehurst trip (2, 4, 5, and 9). I struggled to explain how fun it was to some buddies back home. I highly recommend playing 36 because of what you learn the first time around. That par 5 with the Tobacco Road sign is an absolutely wild approach shot. Our pin was tucked way left you have to go straight at the tallest part of the waste area mound.

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I often explain it as follows “if they built a golf course on the moon, it would be Tobacco Road”


Played it today with Double Bogey Dave. YOU MUST PLAY THIS COURSE, It is the fun house of golf courses. The chance to look at the layout and elevation changes are worth it. Course conditions are great and it is Woke before Woke was cool.


I walk 99% of the time I play golf but if I tried to walk that course I’d still be out there living as a hermit in a bunker on 13.


Not a bad life though. Play every day, then go back to your bunker.