Tips for Joining Push Cart Mafia


I am clearly OLD, 62
But hardly broken. I run 4 or 5 miles 3 or 4 times /week
My course is very hilly but great for walking (very short distance from green to next tee box)
Pushing up hills can get tough. Walking free as a bird, after I let the cart roll down a hill is GREAT!


I got a Ray Cook one click last year for under $100 and it works great. Best feature is the slot for the early morning Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup. Runs like a dream up and down hills.


Is it really considered a “Push Cart” if its motorized?


Clearly they are not push carts, but they are in the same family. The goal is to walk, not ride in a cart, but not be burdened by carrying clubs. Lots of models out there. Hard to know which ones are best.


Now we’re talking

A lot to digest, but I think this will fit the needs of push cart enthusiasts. Hopefully he can get the price in the $150-200 range


I went out to a bar in the centre of Melbourne last night. Jeans and the Push Cart Mafia tee. I’ve never received so many positive comments and glances from strangers on any item of clothing ever before. I’d say these tees have to be mandatory for refugees.


I skimmed the article and this is so much better than anything I have seen before. One of the reasons I don’t do a push cart is the extra space that it requires in my trunk. To have everything in one package is ideal.


I can’t recommend the CG 3.5 enough.


I wear it all the time and the biggest statement I get is someone asking if it’s a stroller. :man_facepalming:t2:


Good to know…going to have a look at the Cube in the next couple of days as having an electric Motocaddy is a waste for the flat courses I play!

I want to know how it will feel with a larger cart bag on it though…and also, how small and light it really is.


Ive been very happy with my Cube.

I’ve got a full size stand bag with a full set of club’s, an umbrella, a ball retriever and usually loads of crap in the pockets, and it handles it all fine. The bag sits quite high, unlike the Clicgear ones which sit low. But I’ve not seen any resulting problems. It’s not like it gets blown over in the wind!

It’s light and tiny. It fits into the corner of my boot so I can lay the bag in beside it.


Sweet…that helps. Not a massive fan of the chunky clicgear frame…but the Cube seems to fit the bill nicely.

What’s the trolley handle compartment like? Can it fit a phone?


The handle is chunky foam and comfortable. There is a little compartment on there but to be honest I’ve never tried to put my phone in it! I keep mine in my bag. Because it’s Motocaddy all the accessories they make fit it. I have the umbrella clamp and I think they do a phone one.


Yeah, the umbrella one is a no-brainer…but was hoping my skycaddie would fit in the handle compartment


You can get one of these for it:


Yeah… but I don’t want the handle to be full of accessories. In my eyes, only the umbrella one should be required.

I’ll try and get a peek at a trolley in person this week and see what’s what


It might fit in the compartment. Plus there is a net holder underneath the handle that’ll easily take it.


I use a Sun Mountain Microcart. It folds down pretty small.

Not sure I’d buy another one TBH:

  • doesn’t track straight, much like my shots
  • has a good pocket low down between the back wheels which would be useful for rain jacket/jersey etc…if it was waterproof
  • drink bottle holder is too close to the handle and the bottle constantly knocks against it, which drives me insane
  • doesn’t hold the bag all that snugly - I have a cart bag and often the front wheels rub against it, even with the axles extended

I DO like the magnetic card holder, the pencil holes, the waterproof compartment for general bits and pieces, and the general size of it. But when the time comes to replace it I’ll be looking for another model.


I’ve used/borrowed a few different ones, wound up buying this: (sorry I’m not sure how to paste a link any smaller)

I walk almost every round and haven’t had any complaints with this model, probably a little heavier than some others I’ve used but you only notice that getting it in/out of the car. Has been durable so far.


Been apart of the PCM for about 13 years, so I feel obligated to weigh in.

  1. When buying your ride, one rule reigns: spend the money. This is 100% an investment. I had my first cart for 10 years before I had some extra shop credit to buy a new one. And then, I sold my original cart ($100 when I bought it new) for $50 to a friend.

  2. Test the cupholders. They are not all created equal.

  3. Accessories are key. A good umbrella holder (that holds the umbrella high enough to actually walk under it without ducking) is essential. Highly suggest getting a big undercarriage-type bag/compartment as well for rain gear, food, etc.

  4. Get a cart bag. I haven’t made this step yet (disposable funds have other places to go currently), but if you’re not carrying there’s just no point in fighting with the stand legs and less room in the bag.

Push carts are the best. Carrying is great, but I’d like to save my shoulders for the last 3 holes of swinging a golf club if that’s alright.