Tips for Joining Push Cart Mafia


Carrying your bag for 18 holes is totally unnecessary. Think of how much it tires out your back and messes with your swing. This is why EVERYONE should join the mafia


I have a Jones as a second bag, which is unstructured, that would be awful on a push cart and just slide down and be way more trouble than it’s worth.

I believe your MacKenzie has a support rod, so it should at least stay on the cart properly. Your only challenge will be the opening size vs a normal bag.


I have a Sunday bag from Callaway that I use and it is fine on my push cart. Just have to make sure the straps are secured properly. Your McKenzie bag would be the same way since it’s unstructured.


Sort of off-topic, but how do clubs fit in the Jones bag. I’ve always liked the aesthetic.


It works fine. Mine has 3 dividers, and I only carry 13 clubs.

The top (seems like the smallest) has driver, fairway, and putter. The middle has the most: 2nd fairway, hybrid, 5-7 irons. The bottom has 8, 9, PW, and Gap. I like to keep the putter close-at-hand and out of all the tighter quarters.

It has its limitations when it the ground is wet, if you need to carry extra weather gear, etc.

Even on one shoulder, it seems to keep the lower back from taking all the weight, which seems like a bad thing but it seems to help. The bad part is you have to balance that with bending over to pick it up, unless you can lean it on stuff (cart, partner’s stand bag, trees, etc.).


@Soly @Tron could you offer a short review on the Riksha’s? R1000 or R3000?