Tips for Joining Push Cart Mafia


Carrying your bag for 18 holes is totally unnecessary. Think of how much it tires out your back and messes with your swing. This is why EVERYONE should join the mafia


I have a Jones as a second bag, which is unstructured, that would be awful on a push cart and just slide down and be way more trouble than it’s worth.

I believe your MacKenzie has a support rod, so it should at least stay on the cart properly. Your only challenge will be the opening size vs a normal bag.


I have a Sunday bag from Callaway that I use and it is fine on my push cart. Just have to make sure the straps are secured properly. Your McKenzie bag would be the same way since it’s unstructured.


Sort of off-topic, but how do clubs fit in the Jones bag. I’ve always liked the aesthetic.


It works fine. Mine has 3 dividers, and I only carry 13 clubs.

The top (seems like the smallest) has driver, fairway, and putter. The middle has the most: 2nd fairway, hybrid, 5-7 irons. The bottom has 8, 9, PW, and Gap. I like to keep the putter close-at-hand and out of all the tighter quarters.

It has its limitations when it the ground is wet, if you need to carry extra weather gear, etc.

Even on one shoulder, it seems to keep the lower back from taking all the weight, which seems like a bad thing but it seems to help. The bad part is you have to balance that with bending over to pick it up, unless you can lean it on stuff (cart, partner’s stand bag, trees, etc.).


@Soly @Tron could you offer a short review on the Riksha’s? R1000 or R3000?


I have been a made member of the Push Cart Mafia for a number of years, and I use a ClickGear 3.5. It is sturdy, high-quality construction, and very well designed.

I appreciate how easy it is to push and how smooth the ride is. The wheel-brake on the push handle is great, and I especially like that you can adjust the front wheel to get it to track dead straight. I enjoy giving it a shove when hitting a downhill stretch and have it roll ahead for 100+ yards straight down the fairway, (Unlike most of my drives). I had a few times where I overdid it and had to run after it as it tracked straight for the green (again, a problem I wish I had with my shots).

I clip my IPhone on the handle using an inexpensive bike handlebar phone holder, giving me easy hands-free access to my yardage app.


I recently got a Motocaddy Cube 3 which I’m loving. It does all the usual stuff on course but the best thing is how small it folds up. It makes it very easy to drag around in my car.


I just picked up the Clicgear 3.5 based off of some of the comments here and took it out yesterday for the first time and couldn’t be happier with it, it’s incredibly sturdy feeling, easy to fold and unfold and just very easy to use. After getting this I honestly don’t know why I’d go back to riding the cart there’s just no good reason to.


zero complaints with my Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT. Big time improvement on golfing quality of life.


Had this bad boy Sun Mountain for over 10 years and still going strong


I played my first round even with a push cart two weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. You forget how much more time you get to talk to the other guys not in your cart when you dont take a cart. Makes a big difference in quality time


I almost exclusively push. I don’t take a cart unless it’s required. I bought the CaddyTek from Costco and it’s solid.


I picked up a used CG 3.0 earlier this year for $80, has more than paid for itself. Since picking it up the rest of our group has joined the cause, and I’ve seen a trend upwards in the amount of golf that we are now playing. It has made the game more enjoyable than it ever was before, even if you are going to carry around some brews its not that big of a deal.


Anyone on here use a 4 wheel cart? I read complaints about them being less maneuverable than the 3 wheeler but in my extremely limited time pushing them around in the golf store I find that hard to believe.


I know a few guys who have them but most everyone has converted to the CG 3 wheel. I’m up in the PNW and I just picked up the mitts for mine and it was the best 20$ spent.


You are now #teambigmitts ?


I normally use a Clicgear 3.5+, but I borrowed a 4-wheeled Clicgear 8.0 couple of weeks ago when the guy I was playing with decided to use a cart, so I wanted to try out his.

My motivation for buying the 3.5+ over the 8.0 was the believe the 4-wheeled cart was less maneuverable. This turned out to be false, the 8.0 did everything the 3.5 could, which made sense looking back, as the 3.5’s front wheel doesn’t swivel either, so if you want to turn you have to lift the front anyway. I’d argue that the 8.0 might even be a lighter push, as the weight is distributed over 4 wheels instead of 3.

The size and weight was impressive as well; ìt’s maybe a couple of pounds heavier than the 3.5 (which you’ll hardly notice when lifting it out of the car), and the folded dimension could not differ more than a couple in inches.


I use a 4 wheel BagBoy. Very easy to control and tracks true. Love it!
Do I take the plunge and go to a Power remote control Cart.
Big price variation and difficult to find any reviews of the various brands / options
Any experience?


Big question.
Are you old or too broken to push it?