Tips for Joining Push Cart Mafia


If anyone buys an electric “push cart”, you should be banned from this site until your 75th birthday.


Clic Gear is the standard for push carts. Caught on overseas well before breaking into the US. Most stable cart you can find. I’ve replaced my break cable once and paid $2 for a new cable through Clic Gear. Cart is going on 7 years old and haven’t thought of replacing. Accessories aren’t an issue unless you feel the need for a seat, in which case see Gary’s last post about being banned from the site until your 75th birthday.


Picked up a Sun Mountain Sync & Speed Cart combo. The cart just arrived today.

It looks really solid, and works great around the house so far.

My daughter (5) keeps calling it my “golf stroller” though. :rofl:


Another vote here for the caddytek from Costco, for the price I think it’s hard to beat. Granted I don’t care much about features/add ons, but it more than gets the job done.

I’ve sent it on some ill advised rides downhill into trees, thing still “runs” like new.


How much do the ones at Costco cost? On the Costco website it says that they’re $120 and on Amazon they’re $127.


I got mine for $95, Costco occasionally drops the price.


Same here, paid $95. Just keep an eye out, they’ll run a promo and drop the price.


Does anyone know what type of pushcarts @Soly and @Tron were using in the Streamsong 18th periscope? Wheels looked to be very large and industrial and only two of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated… my bad for potential copyright infringement



It looks to me like a Ricksha. I believe those are the models that is used at all the Mike Keiser resorts as well.


That’s correct. They are from bag boy. We have them at the course I manage and some people love them and other despise them. Very simple but effective.


They are great on flat courses. awful going on side hills or horizontal inclines. Also prone to flip over as we saw in @soly video.


Heads up, the Caddytek EZ is on sale at right now. $30 off normal price…


I actually got a pretty great workout pushing one of these up and down the hills at Bethpage


I would definitely recommend ClicGear 3.5 as well. The hand brake that it comes with is used more often than you think it would be, and is much easier than a foot brake. Would also recommend checking out the accessories. The wall mount and umbrella extension are must haves.

Had a friend that got a CaddyTek to save on $, and didn’t seem too thrilled with it. It’s going to pay for itself pretty quickly, and save you money in the long run so it is worth the extra investment in my opinion.

Got mine from Amazon, and lots of colors to choose from.


I am in a debate with myself right now trying to decide between a CaddyTek with a foot break or a ClicGear with a hand break. A hand break would be so much nicer, but is it $100 nicer?


@DThacker7 If it were me I’d go CG for the reasons I mentioned.

Break it down for yourself though. For me, a cart cost $12.50 a round. So $219/$12.50 = 17.52 rounds to break even. How much are you playing? For me it was less than half a year for it to pay for itself. Then you’re “making money” by walking so it’s easy to justify.

Pro tip: Also show this math to your significant other if applicable, as it might make the “hey can I play golf this weekend” question more easy for you :wink:


$100 extra over a lot of rounds probably isn’t that much of a difference. I say this as a Caddytek guy. That said, my cart is pretty good as it is and it fit my budget when I bought it.


I have a mackenzie bag. It’s great for 9 holes but 18 its not the best to carry. How would this look with a push cart? The mackenzie is supposed to look cool and old. Putting it on a push cart might hurt my cred.


It sounds like you need a push cart. If you don’t like carrying more than 9 holes and you think it looks dumb on a push cart, get a new bag.


That’s my dilemma. I love the bag because it looks badass. I’m probably going to let my vanity get in the way but the bag is legit and looks dope. I can’t get a new bag also because my wife got this as a present for me and she’d be pissed if I was using another bag after spending the cash on that thing.