Times the #nolayingup mantra has influenced your game play?


I have a NoLayingUp towel draped over my bag and a NoLayingUp knitted headcover on the only hybrid I carry. I have to take that head cover off in order to layup on the par 5 ninth at my home club, and every time I do, I feel guilt and shame - but that’s the reason I have that headcover on that hybrid. If I’m willing to violate the mantra enough to pull that club, then it’s the right decision.


I see No Laying Up more as a mantra that is about having the best time possible than “always go for the green in 2 even if you can’t even reach it of you have a shitty long game”.

I suck at hitting a 3w. My drives are presidentially erratic. If I’m on a short par 4 and the hole doesn’t suit my eye I’m laying up. Losing 9 balls unnecessarily and racking up 7 penalty strokes does not strike me as particularly enjoyable.


Aware of how douchey it sounds, but we really do mean it as more of a lifestyle.

booing commences

When you get the chance to go for something in life, do it. Don’t be reckless and get out over your skis (trying to clear a hazard you can’t), but within reason, just go for it.