Thousand Greens

Has anyone used this? Is it legit? It seems like a great idea but curious about any actual experience with it. Thanks!

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Thousand Greens is a great tool…I think there are 50+ threads on here that talk about it.

The tiers are pretty heavily balanced toward the lower two tiers of clubs, and the criteria to get into the top tiers are very cut and dry so to not have subjectivity become a sticking point. It looks like your new club will be in the 3rd tier, meaning you can request to reciprocate with any club in your tier or lower. It’s a pretty powerful network especially if you see yourself in new places often.

Make sure your club is okay with you using it first, some aren’t.


When does BCN get on there?

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Doesn’t need it. The Refuge is BCN/s 1000 Greens


Curious how you know this?

Because you’ve said on here what club you joined :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to see the tiers? I’m honestly surprised it’s in a “lower” tier.

1st tier: Top 100 World
2nd tier: Top 100 US, Top 50 Canada
3rd tier: top list in any state
4th tier: the rest

All according to to

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There’s only about 1% of courses in the top 2 tiers


Not many top tiers… pretty exclusive(and frankly surprised some of them allow this)

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Ah ok, that makes more sense. I was curious what “rating” system they used. Really appreciate it. Sounds like maybe it’s not worth the hassle and likely something my club would not be too keen on.

Yeah, they had to use something, and that website was the most lenient and inclusive of any list, really. It certainly has benefits…there are a lot of great clubs still in all tiers. Your club looks to have 5 members on the site, and if you think about the little number of clubs in the top two tiers, there are still a lot of good opportunities. Plus, it’s free to sign up for.


Appreciate the advice. Might just start with asking the head pro about it. Would love to get out to Congressional sometime this year.

TG is an excellent tool. I’ve used it, to host and request/play other clubs when traveling. The issue is usually logistics and figuring out a time to play. Nearly everyone on TG who is offering is great. It’s a community of generous folks. I’d recommend it, and I’d recommend playing with the member who is offering. Some people offer unaccompanied access to the course, which is sorta frowned upon. It’s really about spending some time with fellow golf nuts who want to show off their course and meet new people. It’s fun. Just be cool lol


It’s a really weird thing to me and I’ve used it.

Used it on overseas travel previously where I could have accessed the clubs on my own but wanted to play with locals and pay quite a bit less.

I used it for the first time in the US a couple weeks ago. Honestly I was pretty surprised when my request was accepted. They have no idea who I am and I really have no idea what people want to know about me when I’m making my request. I will also say it’s kind of weird handing cash over to someone you don’t really know at clubs that don’t let guests pay.

That being said if the times work for me I’d accept requests, especially since my clubs allow guests to pay for their fees.

The tiers are a bit subjective and I’m told are adjusted a bit based on request volume. One of my previous clubs was third tier. It’s listed top 100 golf week modern. A neighboring club is/was lower on golf week top 100 but was 2nd tier.


While I agree, I don’t think that’s entirely it…otherwise people would put it out on public sites inviting everyone and anyone to come play with them at their private club. I know you’ve put that sort of offer out there…and I haven’t so maybe most are just nice folks and I’m not.

The private nature of the site does two things in my mind. It creates a perception that the people on it know how to act and behave appropriately. This might be really important for some people. I still worry if I’m acting appropriately when visiting other clubs (at first I was nervous at my own club).

The other piece is I figure people are more willing to host if they want to play the club you are a member at. This was definitely the case for my recent meetup. I guess that’s the way of the world.

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Going through the refuge or at least something where people have interacted before, like outpost club events for instance, is a much better system in my view than thousand greens.

Thousand greens seems to me as a very impersonal exchange, tit for tat. At least with the refuge and outpost there is more of a personal backdrop

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Would any of you fellows that are members mind looking up my club if I DM you?

@OtterAKL Thousand Greens is a wonderful idea in theory. The reason I signed up is to meet great people through golf, to share my club with others, and to play some courses I wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

I have played 4 courses in the US through TG. I am 2/4 on great experiences. At two of the clubs, the hosts “got it”. I was with @Brick at one of these games. The hosts welcomed us with open arms, shared insights about the course and club, didn’t rush us through the round, and even shared drinks with us afterwards.
My two horror stories were of hosts who didn’t understand we were playing bucket list courses, but rather treated our round as if we could play the course everyday just like them. At one course specifically, we played the front 9 as a foursome in an hour and ten minutes and he told us we were playing too slow. Terrible, terrible experience to be rushed around a course you may never get the chance to play again.

With that said, I think TG is great and I look forward to using it in the future. I haven’t hosted anyone yet, but I am very excited to share my clubs with others.

Edit: it does feel very transactional, but I’m hoping that can be fixed in the future.