Some article a month ago was the starter—will try to locate it.

To @Lazstradamus fitsnews is a terrible site overall. The financial stuff is basically true. There is some wild shit going on with some bartenders doing sexual favors. I won’t speculate at all about any of the underage sexual stuff, full stop.

In the non-underage division I would say it’s not great but also not totally unheard of.


Any idea what the unaccompanied guest rate is?


Do tell…


Also would be interested in non-resident membership options


That story is so damn wild. I mean the sad thing is it’s not that surprising. Fits is known to post some outlandish shit. We’ll see how this ends.

I can assure you that you don’t want the whiteness that RHW of Greenville would bring out.


I believe this one started the whole thing:

Thornblade scandals about to rock upstate club

For context, the founder and editor used to be the Comms Director for a former Governor (Hiking Mark Sanford), then resigned, and later accused the next Governor Nikki Haley of having an extramarital affair…with HIM.


My big green egg was a tee gift. And @djpie’s scooter…and (checks notes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)… @soly’s google home wifi extender.

Had heard some wild rumors back in July about Thornblade but then kinda forgot about it.

That’s truly wild, man.


If true this is Club Pro Guy kinda shit on a 10x scale and mega awful if high schoolers were involved. I will also be following this thread for updates because this is the kind of distraction my life needs right now.

Will Folks is a total scumbag bottom feeder, but he has some utility in that he will go after stories that no one else will, like this one.

I’m just…I don’t even know what to say here other than similar shit happens everywhere at some level, but this is a web of disgust that I don’t even like to think about.

Boy, we sure put a lot of trust in coaches, don’t we…


It’s a story as old as time and it makes me sick. How we continue to trust authority figures in one on one situations with teens, young adults, children or anyone/anybody trying to grow thru sports/ life is beyond me.
I’m at a loss on how this continues to happen.

This was in one of SC’s papers today.

I’ll be interested to see if these allegations have merit if they are as interested in going after a bunch of wealthy old white men with the same teeth as they claim here.

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I just reread my post “ A story as old as time”. Unfortunately that sez it all.


I had completely forgotten about this.

I’m pretty sure he was comms director for Ravenel’s most recent “campaign” for Senator as well

Man, y’all are giving Georgia a run for their money in the crazy politician department.

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Buddy. We might be in a class of our own.

Behind Florida of course because well…Florida


We have I think 46

In the past 10-15 years 12 of those counties have had their sheriff indicted for something nefarious. Amazing work really.


(Thornblade member here…) I can confirm the financial issues with the club aren’t related in any way with the prostitution/sex stuff. It’s really two completely separate issues - one dealing with the Thornblade Club (financial issues) and one dealing with some deplorable residents of the Thornblade neighborhood (prostitution/the madam whose husband just divorced her/etc.). The club is separately owned and operated from the neighborhood - just share the name.

The financial issues came down to a GM who didn’t really do anything to cut expenses during covid and showed a false balance sheet to the Club’s board showing they had $1.2M in cash on hand, when in reality they had none. They also found that guy to be using a company credit card for some questionable purchases. Obviously he’s gone and they’ve turned that piece over to the feds. They did an assessment to restore cash and all that’s essentially done now.

I’ve heard different things about the prostitution stuff…there’s no way it’s good, but it is separate from the golf club. I can also confirm from my past working in politics that, like @tigergolftraveler said above, fitsnews is a terrible site and the guy who runs it is not a good dude.