Thomas Dunne: The next era of architecture


I really, really, really enjoyed this piece by Thomas Dunne/Links Mag:

There’s a ton to chew on here, but the tl;dr is: Many in the business of golf design (like much of the rest of golf) have gotten bloated and slowly lost touch with what consumers want – whether consumers realize it yet or not. His consensus is that the pendulum is going to swing back toward a world where – with increasing competition for fewer jobs – boring, expensive designers are going to be outbid and outworked by do-it-all former contractors focused more on revamping muni’s than trying to get a Tour event.

Having played many of the example courses referenced in the article, it’s impossible for me to disagree with the idea that eventually people are going to wake up to the fact that fun golf is much more enjoyable that “I just got kicked in the dick for 5 hours” golf.

Curious what y’all think…


Great article that hits the nail on the head. The courses they mention are prime examples of what golf should be. The old, punishing tracks have their place, but it’s hard to design something like that now. Sweetens is a great example. It does it all. It’s fun and challenging, but ultimately playable.


Agree with everything in this article. Key point for me is 1 HOUR GOLF! What an awesome concept, gonna think on it for a while because my home course could do this with a few routes through our 18.

Munis here in the U.K aren’t as common as in the States and also the demand is lower for them because of the club membership price point, especially for juniors.

What I believe is important for smaller U.K members clubs and munis is getting people to the club in the week and on the lighter summer evenings rather than stacking the tees up on a weekend. 1 hour golf, 9 hole comps and other ideas are great to make golf more convenient and fit in with lifestyle and work/family balance.