This is handmade quality shit we're talking here

Thanks to encouragement from the boys of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Refugee Sunday Bag I’ll start posting my handmade quality golf shit here. Stay tuned for headcovers, bags, flags, hats and whatever else pops up whenever it pops up. These will be one-off limited edition works, so prices and production time will depend on each piece. First come first serve. No requests no dibs. I’ll figure it out as I go along.

My goal for making work is to explore various materials, handcraft techniques (embroidery, patchwork, appliqué, etc) to create images. Here is my website if you feel like checking out my non-golf related works.

Let’s see where this goes…




first place this goes, should be explaining what charlie yogurt is?

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DINGERS 1 2 3 (2018) - not for sale
hand embroidered - made from my grandparent’s left over curtains
(if you have more of this textile let me know)


Our guy @Bullseye is in a competition with his very talented wife. First to create 10 sell-able pieces of art wins.

I’ve heard she is an art making machine. Let’s help make this competition a bit more of a fair fight for our guy @Bullseye.


Charlie Yogurt is a fictional design figure invented around 2010 for a school publication. I’m currently in the process of switching to a URL with my name or something like along the lines of


awesome, i appreciate you learning me something new today

your stuff is interesting to say the least, is what is shown on that website sold as art mainly?

You’re not kidding! She kicked my ass so bad in the first round that I had to turn into a best of three contest. This is a BIG motivation moment.

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Yes, the works are sold mainly as art. I design and make the quilts to be used or displayed, so I guess those are more applied art.

I love this reaction btw. Very on brand with what my father might say after I bring him to a weirdo art / design show.


GO ARNIE GO (2019) - not for sale
hand embroidered - snap / velcro closure - made from a hooded Arnold Palmer Original vest


SHAFUA (2019) - not for sale
hand embroidered - made from a leather jacket found on the side of the road


functional art, i can dig that

as well done and creative as they appear, i couldnt bring myself to actually using one…definitely pieces of art, cool stuff man

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i have to say @bullseye, i’m not a big art guy (as discussed elsewhere), but i like your headcovers, and i appreciate weird stuff.


Merch drop!!!

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If we don’t get something made from the @swade @RobbieVogel criquet shirt, what are we even doing here?

Seriously though - let’s get @Bullseye some textiles. Who can get their hands on a 1999 Ryder Cup shirt?


If I could get my hands on one of these, I would be wearing it right now.


$3906 and you could of had one!

BIRDIE jumpsuits & bucket hats (2015) - not for sale
full project here
these embroideries will make a return in a new form

*eagerly emailed to Erik Anders Lang on 6/28/16 subject: GOOD GOLF VIBES! (still waiting on a reply)


Just perusing your instagram - love your 2002 bethpage us open hat. I have like, all of those US Open hats from the USGA over the past 15-20 years. I have way too many hats, so don’t really wear them. Could you do anything cool with those?

man that embroidery game is fire…id probably never wear the actual jumper, but damn if the details in them arent incredible