Things that shouldn't be things but are things.


I run into this same issue all the damn time. I try and play every Sunday afternoon, usually alone, and every couple of times I’ll be held up by the group in front of me. They just don’t get that if they let me cruise through they’ll never see me again. For the most part, I’m not gonna ask if I can play through or ask to join (primarily because I do enjoy playing alone), so I’ve had instances where I finished a hole and walked up to the next tee and the group was still getting ready to tee off and acted like it was no big deal that I was gonna be sitting there. Then I have to bite the bullet and skip ahead or ask to play through. Have some self awareness


Baffles me how few people keep ball markers and repair tools with them. I throw a tee, repair tool, and marker in my pocket before I start playing no matter what. Every round I play one of my friends will inevitably use a tee as their marker for a few holes because they’re too lazy to get the marker out of their bag


Ditto. Except - two tees, one broken for par 3s! What I don’t understand is how tour pros can play with the unabridged dictionary that is their yardage book in their back pocket. Would drive me insane.


RT. I think a lot of it comes down to etiquette. Some players will try a little too hard to observe proper etiquette instead of just playing ready golf. Get out of the cart and walk to your ball if its fifteen yards away or something. No one is going to care


Apologies. I like a rant and they’re generally directed at the collective ‘you’. It wasn’t meant to sound personal but reading it back I can see it appeared that way. Head hung in embarrassed shame.

And I can see your Outlook because I work for Apple and we have backdoors into every computer in the world. I actually turned on your camera yesterday and saw your wife coming into the room, so I quickly erased your browser history for you. I got your back, buddy!


There’s a guy at my club who is a terrible golfer, mostly because he talks himself into it. Like, before every shot he’s complaining about how awful this shot is bound to be. The opposite of positive mental attitude. It’s grating after a while, but that’s not his worst habit!

He actually gets bullied a bit by everyone and now and again I feel sorry for him and try to be nice, but I’ve never seen anyone with less grace on a golf course. He cannot say nice things about anyone. If you hit a good shot he hates you for it. He vocally wishes you miss every shot. He begrudges everything. And never listens to any advice about his play or his attitude.

He’s such hard work.

Not a good playing partner!


Yeah, I get that.

Funnily enough, I live in the UK but I play in the US a lot and this is a particularly American problem. As is refusing to let people play through.

I was over there for the month of August and didn’t walk once! Ok, it was 105 degrees so, fuck that. But I walk in the UK when it’s hot. I play in a roll up st my home course and on Wednesday we had 28 people. Only 2 of them were riding. Everyone else walked. Including the 83 year old ex-captain.

I hate buggies (carts). I find it hard to get a rhythm going when riding and after the round I don’t feel like I got any exercise like I do when walking. Other than the US I get a buggy maybe once or twice a year.

The other problem with buggies is you feel like the round is taking ages because you’re sitting next to your ball waiting to play for ages instead of taking 3/4 mins walking up to it.


Generally agree on the poker chip with one exception.
I have a buddy that cannot see a DAMN thing. He’s a scratch golfer and amazing putter - usually likes to get a read from behind the hole. I cannot even tell you how many times he has marked, pulled the flag, and then completely LOST his line. He has to walk all the way back to look for the mark, then all the way back behind the hole. It’s infuriating and extremely slow.
So, I bought him one of the those poker chips with the magnetic ball mark inside. It’s a gift that keeps on giving to the gifter. Speeds up our rounds significantly.

He can use the poker chip when he is far away (so he can see it!!), then mark with the small magnetic coin close to the hole. He’s very considerate about others’ lines.



This is one of those rare exceptions.


Really curious to the general level of ability at your club in the UK. Like, how bad of a player you mentioned in this response? Is the general level of play higher in the UK?

At my club, of course we have a group of low single digit to scratch players, but we have a lot of 20+ cappers as well. Saw a guy during men’s league last night hit three drives into the right shit in a row - he called out “FORE” every time. No one was on the hole or in view…


This item cancels that whole idea out, however, because of that disgusting logo. #GoAvsGo


Internet pic just for an example. Red Wings was the first one that came up.
My exact thought as I posted the picture- I could chose ANY sport or sports team and someone will have a positive/negative response to it. So, just for you-



You get a hall pass for that.


It’s hard to say and to be fair I expect it differs from club to club. But to give you an idea:

We have about 1,000 members at my club and at the last count there were 57 category 1 players (handicap of 0-5). Someone told me we have about 20 more at plus something. I know we have a couple of +3 players. The club champion this year won with -6 net after 36 holes, though he actually hit -8 but plays off +2.

I’m not sure about numbers in other categories but I know the majority at my place are cat 3 (12-20). That’s pretty common.

It’s also worth noting that handicaps in the UK are usually about 2-4 shots higher than in America because we use a different system to work it out (it’s not an average and moves up and down much slower). We are, however, about to change that to a global system next year which mirrors yours, so it should even out.

Also, in my experience, golf is generally easier in the US than here because the courses are easier. It’s not the design (though you have a lot of country club type tracks with wide fairways). It’s more the level of maintenance. Compared to the US even our good courses are scruffy and it’s harder to get clean shots when the grass is uneven and tufty. I find fairways are like carpets in the US. Your bunkers are better looked after, fringes mown better, trees are pruned (which is never done here).

It’s also extremely rare here to have fairway watering. So in the summer the fairway gets rock hard and you can’t hit down through the ball and take a divot without breaking your wrist! You have to clip it clean off the surface which leads to a lot of thinned shots. Plus, a huge number of the courses in the US I’ve played have greens heavily angled from back to front. This is because you water the shit out of them and need them to drain. So that’s an easier shot in with a long iron.


I thought you were only responsible for the scores recorded on each hole and that the committee was responsible for the math. Your Dad would have a legitimate beef if they disqualified him for putting the wrong total as I think that is their job. I demand a recount!

Rule 33-5 “In stroke play, the Committee is responsible for the addition of scores and application of the handicap recorded on the score card.” This is the rule as of 2016 revision but I don’t know if it was in effect 40 years ago.


Is there ever a golf course that’s not a “ball strikers golf course”?

Your Ryder Cup - if Tourney starts next week

Absolutely. Basically the whole Web Tour. When people say a course is a ball striker’s course, it means there are a plethora of high difficulty golf shots that test the range of your skills. No one is going to call a Driver/Wedge course a ball striker’s golf course.


But isnt it the gist of your GCA lament that the entire PGA Tour is essentially a driver/wedge fest?


When you drive it like Rory, Dustin, Brooks, etc it sure seems that way. I think on the pod they mentioned that Rory never hit more then a 7 or 6 iron into a Par 4 all year…


It’s certainly an issue with the tour, and an even bigger issue on the Web Tour.

The way I view the phrase, it’s whether or not the golf course has demanding shots. Aronimink did not. Guys could bomb drives to get past all of the trouble, and they weren’t required to be exacting with the long clubs in their bag. Somewhere like Augusta that’s definitely not the case.