Things that shouldn't be things but are things.


If drugs can make you that buff I want some.


Visor bucket hats. Just found out these existed.


So… that’s a bucket hat… with a visor on it?

Photo evidence please.


It seems to be a bucket hat with the top cut off. Google image it if you dare.


Hackers berating Tour players on Twitter for not playing/focusing enough. WTF.




The only thing worse is the daily fantasy guys doing it, absolute squids


Defines the thread! WTF




Asshats bitching about Tour players like they’d know anything about what that world is like is a problem throughout life. Sport is riddled with it. But pretty much any subject and some moron will go off on one without any qualifications at all.

Grinds my gears. A* for bringing it up.


I do it to feel the cool, cool air conditioning on my bald spot.


This is the worst. We have it on the course our company league plays.