Things that shouldn't be things but are things.


Damn, tough week for Michael Clayton


Lol! Was that Clayton?! Brilliant.


Here is one that has always infuriated me: on-course out-of-bounds.

Most instances that I have seen are to “protect” par 4s or 5s with extreme doglegs. Of course, the real reason is bad routing/design.


Ball washers.


I’ve never used one. At my local muni, they just end up being broken anyway, uglifying the course even more


Ball washers are like umbrellas. Always hanging around being annoying, until you actually need one, then they’re nowhere to be found.


Maybe Zac Blair can run a Wash Off twitter contest to find the best ball washers.


I never use a ball washer. A little bit of spit works just fine.


You know what should not be a thing? Sales tax on monthly membership dues at a club.


You’re goddamn right, I could also go without the admin fees…just roll it into the dues so it’s not a line item.


Cart fees are garbage as well. If it is a predominantly riding course, just include it in the dues.


Equity or non-equity?




The phrase “bucking his head” in relation to a subject that is not a thoroughbred.


Yeah, that got old quickly.


was about to say the same, it’s time to retire that one.


Patrick Reed’s helicopter finish. It’s just a cut dude, chill out.


Naked pictures of Greg Norman on the internet should not be a thing.


Jesus, no! What were they / he / anyone thinking?!

Worst of all is how criminally good he looks. No 65 year old man has any business being that buff. You could fucking shine and polish him up like a statue. He must spend his life in the gym, curling his biceps and staring at himself in the mirror screaming “Yeah baby! Who needs a green jacket? Not me. I got guns.”


Ever thought some of it might be pharmacology?