These new collarless golf shirts


Interested on others thoughts. The other day a few of us showed up for our tee time at a moderately nice course, not super fancy but nice.

One of our lot had on a brand new outfit from head to toe and he was quite proud. His shirt ? One of the new style Nike shirts with the blade type collar that we all see on the golf broadcasts weekly. I personally don’t like the look, but to each his own.

Anyhow, he was told that he would not be allowed on the course in such attire, which begs many questions, and feelings. Seems like a set up by Nike , with non conforming shirts!

Interested in others experiences if any


Was it a posh club? Our club is fairly strict regarding attire and have seen several blade collars recently.


I hate the look and think they look like dressed up tee shirts. I have heard of less than posh clubs telling players the shirts are unacceptable.


I had 45:1 on Fleetwood and was conflicted because I almost wanted him to lose because of the shirt


Wearing a blade collar is far more disrespectful than anything Phil did.


I find Phil’s work attire ensemble far more offensive than the blade collar. He looks like he’s about to present a 2 hour long PowerPoint Presentation on the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace!


See , thats one of the things I have feelings about! Phil’s dress shirt is an awful idea but there is no doubt you can actually play golf when you arrive at the course . You may look ridiculous but it conforms to the dress code of any course.
The blade collars are not just terrible looking but even if there is a 50 /50 chance you can be escorted to the pro shop to “upgrade” doesn’t that make it a risky purchase from the jump?


Just wait until next Feb at Pebble when Phil pairs his new dress shirts with a sleek sweater vest to complete the look.


Pointing out the BS of that club


This is the 2017 version of the mock turtleneck… didn’t like that one either


I dont like the look of the blade-collar.
If you wanna go casual, just wear a t-shirt. When the Dustin Johnsons of the world can wear one for casual rounds, so can you!