The U.S. American Open Thread


If you have a course setup you feel is good, but it turns bad if the weather forecast has a moderate change…then you have a bad course setup.

Something for the USGA to chew on.


Looking ahead to the Ryder Cup, a win by Berger or Finau makes France extremely interesting - this US team that we thought would be so scary could be diluted with Bubba, Webb and now an auto qualifier like Finau


Finau “dilutes” the US team? This take belongs in the “Contrarian Takes” thread.


Just want full credit for calling PReed to win today.


Will gladly admit I was wrong. I thought Finau would eject super hard and super early and he was very much a factor on the back. He seems to have a good attitude and now has shown well in big tournaments. I think he’s missing the killer instinct and just comes off as a guy who enjoys being out there type but good for him to do well this week and the US team could do worse with some other picks I suppose.


Having absolutely no insight to Finau’s match play record, he seems to be the ideal player for match play events, especially because of his laid back attitude. Put him with someone gritty and an unbelievably short game (Webb?) or someone firey like Dechambeau, and that could make a great middle of the road grouping for the US.


Shinnecock Hills is greatly overrated.




It was boring… There was nothing special about it. Way too wide. Hitting fairways and then playing an iron/wedge into a green that all looks identical. Every hole was the exact same…

I prefer trees, escape shots and hazards. This course had none of that. Just driver/iron/wedge. Boring.


I’ve found him!!! Tommy Raynor aka @CreamSoda.

Just joshing with ya. I do understand where you are coming from to some degree. Winged Foot in two years!