The U.S. American Open Thread


Shout out Scott Gregory for coming back to the course after posting 92 and hanging a salty 75 on all the haters… of which there were many.


Rory is -4 on the back nine. I’d qualify that as fighting back.

Meanwhile, pretty obvious what happened to the broadcast these first two days. Tiger on the course, FOX is paralyzed in fear. They reduce the number of different golfers they cover, they go for story over action, and generally provide bad coverage. No Tiger, the broadcast frees up, they cover a lot more players.

There’s other factors of course (scoring is better this afternoon, no leader that would otherwise dominate the coverage, etc). But it is what it is.


Agreed 100% very obvious and surprised Live from the Kill House did not realize this yesterday.
They also called Tiger’s shot on 1 into the green good. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Maybe Barstool Tron has lost his edge :smirk:

I tip my hats to guys like Gregory and Humphrey. Dudes came out today and made most of the experience. Good for them


Hoffman is winning a major before Rickie.


Bold take considering you can set a clock to him disappearing on the weekend in a major.


Maybe not before Rickie, but he has to nab one in the next year or so right?


What the hell did Phil just do?


Phil think of the kids!!!


His press conference is about to be fire. Mike Davis is about to get dunked on like Tom Watson at the Ryder Cup.


I keep seeing poor Beef from the Brits on twitter why would Beef give a fuq?


What is with these fans!? Zinger keeps praising the NY fans, but these guys are coming off as obnoxious. (I don’t truly believe this is a direct reflection on NY golf fans, but the mistakes of few…)


Now Phil doing wildly unnecessary flop shots because he’s way out of it.


This “Phil disrespected the championship” storyline is going to be unbearable the next couple days.


Anyone who thinks phil was being disrespectful or that he should be dq’d has a huge dump in their pants. The broadcast calling it poor behavior is so lame.


TAKE: actually, what Phil did kind of sucked, and if Tiger did it there would be a huge outcry


The wining score is gonna end up to be +4.


One of the guys at +6 or +7 is gonna go out early and shoot a 66 and win.


It is time


Patrick Reed will backdoor in and beat the Barnrat in a playoff for the ages.


I would be so happy and so angry at the same time. The number of columns about reed and his family because it’s Father’s Day would enormous.