The U.S. American Open Thread


Rory doesn’t have a ‘grind it out’, ‘try as hard as you can on every shot’ mentality, unless he is playing well. If he’s not playing well, he throws in the towel pretty easily. He seems to lose interest. He could have turned that 80 into a 77 but he didn’t really care if he shot 77 or 80. When he’s playing well, he’s got the killer instinct and can beat everyone by 10. Just don’t expect him to grind out pars when he’s already +5, +6, etc.


lol. So from a TV screen, you can tell that he isn’t trying to grind out pars? He’s trying to make bogeys?


He was half-assing it.


Bruh. That’s so ignorant. You have no idea what his mindset what.


I could be wrong with where his mind was, but I’m just going off body language when things start to go south for him.


I don’t think DJ particularly cares much either. But unlike Rory, he’s more “Zen” and has the capability of finding his A game more consistently.



Thornberry looks like he should’ve never left the Grove in Oxford. He’s more a visor & cigs guy than a pink scotty cameron putter grip guy to me.


The Mild Thornberry.

Fluffy thicc, like a souffle.


As of this moment, +2 is good enough for a Top 10 finish…


Rant Inbound:

Saw this a bit earlier but why is the live streaming for this event not that good? It isn’t bad but it is the US OPEN. The Masters streaming is unbelievable. For example, earlier this morning I was watching all four screens and wanted to go split screen between Featured Group 2 and Featured Holes, but I could only split screen both groups or Featured Holes and Sights and Sounds. Quick side note: WHO IN THE WORLD IS WATCHING SIGHTS AND SOUNDS? GIVE ME GIL HANSE SCREEN PLEASE. Give “Focus Baby You Alright” guy a mic instead of letting the featured group commentator verbally fellate DJ (who is deserving of it but it gets a little old if you are watching all 18 holes) endlessly.

Back to prescribed rant… am I just being an incompetent pud or can you really not choose which multi screen viewing you desire, even ignoring the buffering and delay. Also, seems as though Fox is using much less tracer? Or is that just me.

On a positive note, I love Curtis Strange. He speaks with such reverence and awe towards the players that it showcases just how good they are and pairs nicely with the rest of the commentary group.


The British are coming.


Poulter with the underboob sweat going. Really did not expect to see that from an endorser of cool sculpting.


I volunteer to personally drive the Volkswagen if Poulter leads on the Back 9 on Sunday.



Anyone see Rickie putting his glove into his front pocket? Serial killer move?


Sufficient cause to have the man committed.


Big Cat did it earlier this morning as well…weird


Rickie is in prime position to get another top 5/10 in a major where he never was really part of the story.


Maybe if he wasn’t a psycho and put his glove in his back pocket, he would have greater mobility to buck his head.


gimme Jordan’s heart and gutsy ability to fight over Rory’s flashy drives 100/100 times.
Rory should study game tape of Jordan and learn a thing or two about getting around a course without your A++ stuff because golf is rarely played at an A++ level

Edit: Spieth blew it bad down the last two. Bitterly disappointed. And yes despite Rory being -4 on back he did it in garbage time. Never threatened the cut