The U.S. American Open Thread


Not back


Have the players started complaining yet?


Wendy’s twitter account is ruthless :joy:


Really not a fan of how the TV coverage is basically just featured group coverage.


Fox has gone CBS on us. 10 hours of coverage for 16 golfers. Yikes.


I mean… I’m not gonna be mad at Fox for showing me Tiger and JT over Brian Stuard and Sam Burns.

They’re showing the leaders that are on the course, last weeks #1, and the goat playing in his first US Open in 3 years. I think you guys are being a little nitpicky.


We could’ve seen alot more of Dufner, Schauffle, and Si WOOOO though.


I’ll agree with you on Xander and Si Woo Kim, but Dufner has been shown a lot.


So who needs a real caddie more, Rory or Phil?


Si Woo, Ben An, Perez, Stenson, Barnrat, Noren, Sneds, etc


DJ and Duff Daddy bucking their heads…


I’d rather see Stuard and Burns than Faxon hitting knockdowns on the range.


Or Butch Harmon


OK yea now CBS is even embarrassed by this random Butch interview


this is just laying the ground work for the grumbling conspiracy theory that Tiger is returning to Butch… Stay woke


This is kind of stressful to watch


Can’t wait for Eldrick post round interview - should include the following quotes:

“I played really solid today just didn’t get any breaks”

“I shot as high a score today as I possibly could have”

“I just didn’t make any putts today”

And other such well worn pablum that the sycophantic media and public will lap up


Will Rory be playing golf by age 35? 40?
He doesn’t look to be having fun and I do not see him willing to evolve his game. Supreme talent but at this point a one-trick pony(?)

Note: I lock Rory a lot and enjoy all his off course interviews with Soly or that sit down with Paddy. He seems to really enjoy life outside of golf. So I do wonder


I’m not sure Rory really cares anymore. Excepting Augusta and maybe the Ryder Cup.


Prisoners of the moment?

He won the API in March. He finished 5th at the Masters. He finished 2nd two starts ago in the biggest Euro Tour event of the year (excluding majors).

Then Rory has one bad round and people think he’s going to quit…?