The U.S. American Open Thread


He who must not be named on the leaderboard and almost gets a hole in one on 11. tumblr_m0y4jaFbfT1r6epc2o2_250


Kuchar is going to par this golf course to death and probably win.


Seems like a good week for a Rick T-2


T-2 and 8 back of the US American Championship Golfer of the year, Sir Ian Poulter


And then he gives up an ADOLF on 11 and makes double.


Impending doom lurks around every corner. This is the type of carnage we all came for! Anyone hear what the greens are stimping at?


This is perfect difficulty right now. Only concern: does the USGA have the discipline not to let the course get away from them on the weekend?


Easiest scenario for them right now, weather is making it challenging instead of them having to bake out the greens.


Everyone hold on for the Cantlay Express.


This is great. Pros getting obliterated left and right


Medium take:
This could be Zach Johnsons 3rd leg towards the grand slam.


Everybody loves the carnage right now, and then win Poulter wins on Sunday, everyone is going to cry bullshit and say the USGA made the course way too hard for the elite bombers.


Earlier this week on Golf Channel, the crew was having a round table discussion and discussing how they thought that over half the field has no chance to win because they are not long enough off the tee.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
Day: +9
Rory: +8
Watson +7
Koepka +5


I don’t think anyone on here will. Just don’t get your taeks off twitter and you probably won’t hear that.


Interesting thing to me watching this is the course is not playing as hard as it can play. Greens are very green in color. Fairways are green. Balls are taking one small hop and stopping on the green for the most part. If it gets to the point where short irons are bounding over the greens then it’s going to get dicey.


Sergio walking to the second tee thinking this is easy.


Is it just me or is Ricky using a stand bag? Anyone know why? Caddie injury?


10 year anniversary of his first US Open as an Am.


Cobra marketing ploy to honor the amateurs.


And just like that…