The U.S. American Open Thread


This is incredible television to start the week.


You think it’s possible they don’t like playing with each other?


Serious question, for the guys teeing off later, sitting there watching this carnage, are they just in full-grip mode knowing they’re next?


Livestream not working for anyone else?


Hard stop on all feeds here. PISSED


just quit for me too.


glad i’m not the only one. had to do actual work there for a while.


Glad it’s not the Company’s IT group catching on to things! Hope it returns quick.


I had so much hope for the live streaming today, fastest internet in town, 3 screens, etc… No go.


Mine keeps looping the same 5 seconds of Rory hitting his bunker shot on the par 5 and then just spins and does nothing. I too had high hopes, but apparently only the Masters is capable of getting the little things right.


Why is it so hard to get right? Are they not able to predict possible scenarios and make sure they are prepared for anything? If you are the dude in charge of streaming for the US Open 2019 at Pebble, maybe you could start preparing now-ish?


Same over here. Live stream is not so hot right now.


It’s just comical the difference between anything the Masters does versus anything the USGA does. I had 3 or 4 channels running all day for the entire Masters week and never once had an issue. At the very least you’d think they’d have a message display on the screen that they’re having technical difficulties…instead of every single person out there wondering if it’s their own internet connection, device, etc.


Exactly. Not so much as a tweet from them as of yet.


I’m having a ton of audio issues and start stop problems. Glad to hear i’m not the only one.


@paul at last they push out a tweet indicating the struggle is real and it’s on their end


My Supreme Carnage group stream on Roku has miraculously been fantastic. Had a couple of hiccups on the laptop.


Even the shot tracker is lame.


First nine scores

McRib 42
Day 40
Grace 39
Bubba 39
Spieth 39
Phil 39
Hideki 39



@Technochocolate maybe the last time Rory preps for a major with off-site buddy golf?