The U.S. American Open Thread


I’ll kick it off with some useful links for your US American Open viewing this week.

How to stream online:

Relevant Podscasts:

Info from @thefriedegg


I’ll go ahead and add in this for the required reading:

Nothing to see here, no surprises, except that somebody needs to send in a chopper and airlift Jon Rahm out of Adidastan as soon as possible. Those Adidas shirts are not meant for a big bodied man.

Rickie with the avant-garde, fashion-forward approach of someone who just got engaged and no longer needs to impress the ladies.

JT saving the sweater for Sunday, where the predicted high of 74 could send the 145-lb Kentuckian into hypothermia.

Phil, of course, keeping his scripting close to the performance vest, likely waiting on the weather. If it stays cool, I’d imagine he gives some run to the long-sleeve Mizzen and Mains (the “Insider Trading” look). If the Hamptons brighten up, we could see the ultra-rare short-sleeve button down + linen pants combination (a/k/a “Tax Haven Phil”).


Bold move by Leish to just wear shoes.


So are we all in agreement to call next month’s major the U.K. British Open


I think it’s the UK Open British Championship.


I hate to admit it, but the delicate genius’ scripting is the best on that article, excluding the stupid hat.


UK Open British Championship indeed. Wash your filthy mouths out with soap.


Ah they are finally debuting the much anticipated Rahm Underboob Collection.


Looks like 80% chance of rain for tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t make it super soft for Thursday. Looking back to 2016, I was so looking forward to Oakmont being really firm and then they got a ton of rain right before.

Rest of the week looks dry so I’m sure by the weekend it will be perfect.


I was walking around Shinnecock yesterday. People are so deep into the apparel game, I honestly had trouble telling the difference between tour players and randos. I even saw some people roaming around in soft spikes. WTF

It was pretty windy. I kept having to hold onto my (bucket) hat. It’ll be brutal if it stays that way.


Who will be this years verison of Brian Harman?


Brian Harman.


At The Memorial, I saw a guy following Rickie Fowler wearing, no joke, the same outfit, including all the correcting placed sponsors on his shirt


Henrik Stenson will win at 277


In my head Rahm has always looked the same. Even as a kid. 6 foot tall at 9. Heavy set. 6 o’clock shadow at 8am before his 10th birthday. He was the bully picking on other kids because he was bigger than them, running a shake down for their lunch money and spending it on canollis and candy.

So he should really be wearing a velour tracksuit and heavy gold jewellery.




There looks to be full carnage in the Mickelson, Spieth, Mcilroy group. 11 over through a combined 12 holes.


Official Over/Under on the cut line from Westgate: +5.5

Way too early call, but I’m hammering the over.


+5 might be the winners score


Rory and Spieth are ejecting before we even hit lunchtime on day one…