The ticker


Does anyone like the score ticker at the bottom of the tv screen? I find it to be very annoying, so I’m interested if anyone likes it and why. Or does everybody hate it like me, and if so how can we tell the powers that be to knock it off?

For example, I enjoy watching Golf Greatest Rounds on Golf Channel but the ticker makes it borderline unwatchable. It’s all stupid stuff too, like programming (of which I can just look at my guide), or scores (of which I can look up on the internet). Completely useless, and distracting, and it blocks the ball going in the hole at times.

This applies to football as well. All I want is to see the game, match, round etc in all it’s glory on my HD tv, without the distraction of the ticker. Tell me why I’m wrong folks…


In our present smartphone dominated era, it seems redundant.

You could try this:


I’m fine when Golf Channel does it like once every half-hour during a tournament. Never hurts to see how other events are going without having to take your eyes off the TV. Big fan of it in NFL games when I don’t have Redzone accessible, but when I am watching via Redzone, it means nothing to me. Also cool with ESPN doing it during baseball and basketball games every half-hour. I will agree it’s not needed all the time though.

By far the most useful score ticker in the sports calendar year, however, is March Madness. During the early round games when there’s 107 different games happening, it’s good to know what games are close and what channel they’re on.