The Throwdown at Twin Pines August 26th-29th -Signup IS LIVE! post #107

First off I am a big fan of NLU meetups/events I’ve been lucky enough to to attend three of them and I am continually blown away by the quality of the company/camaraderie. Being a Minnesota native I have been looking for an opportunity to get plugged into the Minnesota NLU community. Having spent some time in Brainerd, one of my favorite courses up there is the Classic at Madden’s Resort. I am lucky enough to have a contact there that could help facilitate an event. I was thinking about a three day event with the opportunity to stay at the resort and to incorporate another course in the area as well, something like Deacon’s Lodge. So it could potentially be three nights with a welcoming event on their social 9 par 3 course, then followed by two consecutives days of golf. The dates I had in mind would be August 26th through the 29th. Would love to see where everyone’s interest level could be also if there could be any suggestions.


I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, let alone in August, but I’d definitely consider this one. Have always wanted to get out to these courses.


In. So in.


Trying to get an idea of the level of interest, basically guarantee of any tee times/accomodations we want as well.

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Will this interfere with the North Star Shootout Part II?


I completely understand I am venturing into uncharted territories, personally I do not want to interfere with any other events. I am merely offering my services and connections for the good of the group.

What every MN refugee will want to know…does that contact include lower tee time prices or would it be full freight? Maddens gets VERY pricy during peak season


I’ve stayed at craguns and Deacons lodge multiple times. 3 rounds of golf w/ 2 night stay, meals included is usually around $500-$600 per. So I’d start with that number in mind

Absolutely, the goal is to get this on the books to lock in the best rate.
I picked Madden’s mainly because my love for the entire property, plus I really want to give my buddy some business.

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Has NSSII been announced?!

I played there once, it could serve as an alternative course to play I just don’t remember much of it.

Also potential to get unlimited play on their social 9, could make for some very interesting evenings.

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Discussions are currently underway…


Absolutely, I wasn’t suggesting you do it at craguns. just throwing out a price point. I assume the prices are probably comparable with them being right next to each other.

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Madden’s also has two other courses, Pine Beach East and West both pretty short tracks but could potentially drum up some crazy good quota/tilt opportunities as well.

See the appeal of the social 9 play, but the east/west courses are pretty forgettable compared to the Cragun’s courses. Also see the appeal of F&F pricing with your connection. Madden’s is beautiful, family used to go there all the time as a kid. Great memories there.

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Caleb, we need another San Antonio event! Maybe @BaxterMSP and @desertduffer will go at it again?


My little brother’s been playing this “double or nothing until someday I win” thing since he was about 10. I don’t need another one of those. @BaxterMSP’s dead. You’ve gotta let him go.

But I’d love to return to San Antonio.


Well this is a good first post to read on the refuge today

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