The Stoner on 4/20/2023

I have had this idea rattling around in my head for a couple months now. It’s grown out of my desire to get back down to play Mike Strantz’s, Stonehouse near Williamsburg, VA. In 2021 @1novapar ,@zeke, and I played RNK and Stonehouse on the same day and while driving back home, Paul and I kicked around the idea of playing Stonehouse and Stonewall, a course a lot closer to us, on the same day. Only problem is these two courses are about 2 1/2 hours apart so you would need at least a solid 11 hour window. Do able for sure in July and then the idea faded away.

So I took to the internet to see how many others courses have Stone in the name and try to tie two rounds together. Surprisingly, in the DC area there are roughly a dozen courses within 3 hours of me. If there are that many near me, there has to many more near others and could I leverage this into a “get involved” universal golf day….

Let me introduce you to…

“The Stoner on 4/20”

This is a one day event on Thursday April 20th, 2023 and you must play at a course that has the word “stone” in its name.

Examples near me range from Stonewall, Greystone, Stoney Creek, etc…

Scoring will be net and all players must use The Grint to join the event and post your rounds for the event.

To join the event you will need to add me as a friend on the Grint. Use the link or the QR code below.

If you arent a Grint user, you can create a free account and if you have a GHIN just link your GHIN with The Grint. Or you can add scores from your last 20 rounds to establish a handicap, or you can adjust your course handicap in the round set up mode when playing your round. Just tap the green circle where your course handicap is shown and a adjustment window will open at the bottom and you can adjust accordingly.

Also in the round set up you will need to hit the Tour Event tab and then you can select the event your playing.

So you may ask what are we playing for? Nothing

How much is this gonna cost me? Nothing

Will there be prizes? Maybe, maybe not. It’s a developing situation so watch this space for more golf news.

If this all goes well maybe I’ll add another event and we can make it a summer series and add some stakes.

Here is a google sheet to add your info as well as a backup so I dont miss your friend request on the Grint.

Disclaimer: In no any way, shape. or form am I advocating what you enjoy on the course while you are playing, I work in a field where I can be randomly drug tested so I can’t herbify but I do liquify. You be you, and stay gold ponyboy!