The Sneakerheads Union

Inspired by @GreenlodgeSocialClub getting the new TS Jordans, I am interested if there are more of us out there. Any new pick ups? All time favorites? Let’s hear what you got besides golf shoes.


This is a @Christian specialty.


I’m not totally a sneakerhead but I do have a lot of Hardens

I have some 2’s, 9’s, 12’s, 13’s and 13 Golf all whites. Might still have a pair of 5’s but I think they have left me.

Always wanted some 3’s, 4’s, 10’s.

I’d always loved the 11s, but jumped on the ST-Gs like a month before the golf 11s came out. Devastated.

Was heavy into the SB scene when it first really exploded. My friend owned a skate shop so I would get literally every new dunk for cost when they came out. Cha Ching! He ended up selling the shop and my gravy train with biscuit wheels went off the tracks.



Speaking of SB, I’m loving what they are doing with the Jordan 1s recently (might be in the minority). Just ordered these, hopefully get them in the next few days.


I’ve been in the sneaker game/world since about 2013. Used to collect a lot, but have slowed down in the past couple of years. Still really involved in it all and stay up to date with everything.

Recently, I’ve been really liking the collabs Nike has done with certain designers. Most notably the Nike x Sacai Blazers. Need to pick me up a pair.

Here’s my favorite sneaker in my collection. Got them when they dropped in 2016 and haven’t worn them yet.


Just actually sold those TS 6’s today finally! I wasn’t a fan at all but I knew people loved them.

I second all the Nike SB love. Some of my all time favorites in my collection are the Chicken & Waffles and the Concepts x NikeSB “Ugly Christmas Sweater”.


I wasn’t a fan of those either. Tried to just get a pair just to resell, but no dice…

I’m still trying to sell my TS 6s. Put them on GOAT last week.

I ended up going on Reddit and finding somebody on there. Was a little for work but cut out all the pointless fees that Stockx and GOAT have.

I’ve thought about selling them local, but going to try GOAT first.

I have a pair of Jordan 4 Fire Red’s I got for free that I’m going to get rid of. Have’t found the motivation to toss them up on StockX or anything yet.

I have a small number of 3s and 4s. I had to clean some out of my closet and put in storage so we could show the house.


Some of my favorite pairs:

Chacos or die

Lance Mountains!! I am a huge fan of those (and just about 99% of Jordan 1’s)

Yep. My last real sneaker purchase. I’ve gotten some everyday kicks but I can’t spend 350 on shoes too much and stay married. Only pair I’m interested in from now on is black tie or Chicago 1’s

Love everything about the 1’s. The Nigel Sylvester’s are my big want at the moment.

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