The Shotgun Start Podcast


I’m not sure how to do it, but dressing up as the Reed family’s social media accounts would be fantastic. Make sure to flame the rest of the US Ryder Cup team, and reference the Line Drive Section at Fenway.


“The Needle”


@happykamper posted the picture in the other thread and it reminded me that this would be a fantastic “golf Halloween” costume.


If you’re familiar with the blog Post Grad Problems, their founder did this for Halloween on Saturday.

edit: here’s the link to his IG


I was thinking this one:


That’s how you remember it?!


LOL. The Mechanic takes him AND Pepsi…all…day…long.


Yup I’m a total wet blanket.


My wife says I have the voice of an angel.


We got 10 years of it coming!


@thefriedegg going full Kessler




The world now knows to never go Full Kessler.


The first-ever Refuge encounter of Spider-man and Venom.


I had to slow down to read who was saying what.


I’ve really enjoyed the new podcast. I can’t wait for a year from now when @thefriedegg really has to go deep to find ways to continue bringing up Robert Allenby.


This podcast is really starting to work for me.

I’m not saying its perfect, but it makes for good bookends on my week. It’s very nice of them to record a podcast at some silly hour in the morning or the night before, just so I have something familiar to listen to at the gym at 6 AM on a Monday when I’m already dreading the day.


Definitely agree with you here. I’ll be interested to see how the pod progresses. I imagine trying to make fresh content 3 times per week can get really difficult without recycling takes and becoming repetitive. I think if there’s anyone who can do it though it’s these two. I think the appeal to the golf sickos and I enjoy the content. Solid subscribe for me.


I love when Andy says something ridiculous and Porath has to pause and think about what was just said.


Sometimes they laugh about stuff and I have no idea whether it’s meant to be funny or not.