The Shotgun Start Podcast (now rotisserie chicken adjacent)

I legitimately don’t understand how that voice comes out of his body. I had to force myself to listen to TFE over and over to get used to the voice and now it doesn’t bother me. Kind of like how my wife forced me to like red wine.

I think the Shotgun Start is what it is. 20-30 minutes of updates on the tournaments of the weeks and hot takes that Andy doesn’t get to spew on TFE.

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It’s a no from me too. Their takes are too predictable for me. Brendan Porath is going to gossip or pick up an innocuous thing (like DJs slump in the Brooks POY video) and attempt to make it funny / bigger than it is. Andy whines that the course sucks, the tour sucks, etc and he would rather watch the Japan Open. They’ve had a lot to talk about over the last month and I still feel like they just make the same points over and over again. It just gets old.

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Ha, I’ve played plenty of golf with Andy, and I promise that that’s not the case–when he’s out golfing with friends (and not working), he is as laid back as they come. The only frustrating thing about playing with him is how damn good he is.


Good to hear - tell him to cheer up and bring some joy to his podcasting next time you see him!

I’m totally with you. I think it is great and has become my favorite podcast. I don’t need interviews, I just want to hear a couple of like-minded guys talking about topics I am interested in…and doing it well. Andy is the master of using the word “stinks” and it cracks me up every time because it is always perfectly placed. How someone can think Andy has no personality blows my mind. Andy’s snarky and it works really well with Porath’s dry sarcasm.


Agreed, I’ve definitely been enjoying these podcasts. Great way to start the day with a quick 20-30 min recap or preview of the weeks events. I think they definitely work well together and play off each other. Whether its Porath going deep on the Patrick Reed mother in law messages or when Andy was baffling Brendan with his Japan Open hype, I find myself laughing throughout the episodes. Good stuff


Fascinating replies here. I’m a huge fan of both guys and think the dynamic between them works perfectly. They’re the odd couple and it’s hilarious. Hadn’t really considered the idea that there would be such a strong showing of naysayers. Maybe the pod isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine, but if you don’t at least tip your cap to them for producing 3 shows a week then you don’t deserve alternative golf content. That’s a serious grind. Mans game.

P.S. “The shotgun start in golf is full of math-e-matics” intro line makes me chuckle every time


I’m enjoying their podcast quite a bit. I think it’s very entertaining, their interaction is great and their sense of humor is up my alley


I love it so far. I think it definitely offer something different from other golf pod stuff out there right now. Already a big fan of Andy’s and I think Porath is the perfect compliment. They don’t take it too seriously but do have some actual golf conversation while doing it. I think it’s great

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I’ve been enjoying the POD. It is what it says it is, a quick 20-30 take about things going on in the golf world during that day/week. It’s not going to be a super deep dive on anything but there are other PODs for that. Their conversations get me laughing whenever I listen to it so that’s a good thing. Keep it coming guys.

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I like the pod a lot. BUT, I can do without Andy’s hot takes re: The Tour. He needs to leave that to @Tron and frankly, his takes aren’t nearly as biting and funny as his High T Eminence, Senor Tron.

What I like about Andy is when he spotlights “guys he likes,” especially this time of year when the new younger guys are trying to make cuts and play well. And I always enjoy his takes on the courses (like his critique of RC course).

Porath brings a journo’s level of skepticism to everything, and that’s helpful.

Really enjoyed it as expected, since I’m a big fan of both Andy and Porath. It’s a couple of people I find funny and intelligent riffing on a topic I like, which is pretty much all I need from a podcast. The Friday and Monday ones serve as a nice weekend preview/recap, usually gives me something or someone to watch out for that I normally wouldn’t. Gives me all the golf news I need, and all the Hosung Choi content I want.

I take back the nice things I said solely based on Andy’s Ernie/Phil take. It’s a bad take and he should feel bad for his take.

I can’t get passed Andy’s voice - it’s not made for podcasts. I’ll stick to reading his articles.

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I love the Pod, and especially that I can get through one in my commute to and from work. Its great #content, and Brendan and Andy do have a good “odd couple” like relationship. Its quite a bit of fun and a great alternative to listening to corporate Podcasts, and the traditional guest format (read: Bacon, Shane)

Yeah, its not good when a hungover Andy sounds better than a normal version.


I have listened to four episodes and I really enjoy it. Just a lighter look at the golf-industrial complex. I understand if some of you don’t like Andy’s voice; it doesn’t bother me though. :man_shrugging:


The Berry Henson interview on today’s pod was laugh out loud funny. Did anyone else notice that Borat impression? It had me laughing so hard.

Big kudos to @thefriedegg for being way out in front of the take “I’m over Chamblee fawning over Cameron Champ’s speed and swing”

I watched <5 minutes of live from tonight and it was all slow-mo’s and reporters asking about how he creates soooo much speed.


sorry to keep slurping the shotgun start guys , but today’s podcast with “golf Halloween” costume ideas had me cracking up at my desk.

@thefriedegg 's list
BIrdman from Olympic club
British Open meltdown Bryson
2 person costume of Keegan Bradley about to whip Miguel Angel Jimenez’s ass at the WGC (make it a 3 man costume with someone playing the role of Pepsi)
Robert Allenby post Sony open “mugging”
Zach “Big Mitts” Johnson

@BrendanPorath 's list
Joey D
Slugger White
The Coverage Gap
Joeanne “BIg Momma” Carner
Cam Champ’s trackman numbers

What are some other “golf twitter” favorite halloween costume ideas:
Mark Rolfing in a Hawaiin shirt and you only talk about humpback whale migration facts