The Shotgun Start Podcast (now rotisserie chicken adjacent)

I need more stickers, especially a SGS one

Do they know that the fanbase has adopted the moniker, #sicko?

they do know that, yes, brendan has referenced it in a few podcasts

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Yeah King Collins are building a new 18 hole course out there

Not to divert this thread but the RACDG NE Chapter is discussing the Sweetens of the northeast that King-Collins is doing in NY (about 2 hours north of the city)


Is there an exact location or city I can google map? I’m an hour north of NYC in CT

Accord, NY. You can google Roundout Golf Course. That’s the site.

I’m in Westchester, it’s less than 90 mins from me… and I’ve never been to Sweetens so very excited about this


I’m so glad DJ Trahan earned his card because I need more Donald Roland/Donald Ronald bumbling from Brendan. The original segment was one of the times I’ve laughed the hardest while listening.


so the RACDGNE meetup there is actually going to be insanely real.

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I feel like Sickos is an appropriate name for the fans of a type of band that scream their lyrics and use pyrotechnics

“I got mega worse for the wear after a wedding.”

Put it on my tombstone.


Thanks! 2 hours from me. A little further than I was hoping, but still way more manageable than Sweetens!

I’m really upset that Brendan will no longer be coaching his kid’s soccer team. I need those weekly updates in my life. I hope he stays on as basketball coach and is able to implement his zone defense principles.


why bother with zone defense? it’s banned in the NBAs and if you don’t prep for the pro game you might as well not play. it’s like amateur golf

I would start here:

Looking for a free education from Syracuse.

But it’s not banned…?

Someone needs to get them to watch the incredibly underrated show Party Down, featuring the great character Ron Donald.


Legit lost it when Cats and the Cradle came on

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I think that’s why Andy was in Sioux City.