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Full seriousness: these kids are really impressive

Possibly. But what does “it’s a terrible business” even mean? I’ll go full Dominic Raiola and stand shirtless in my front yard inviting people to say bad things about Dottie, Judy, vintage Tillman, Christina Kim on PGA Tour live, etc.and fight me.


I can’t breathe you guys.


I’ve been convinced it’s not actually him but someone playing the long game as performance art.


Dude, that entire tweet was a take quake. DL3’s wife falling asleep during sex. Brandle is a PK wannabe. I’m just amazed he didn’t block me for calling him Skeeter.


Is PK;

  • Drunk
  • Mentally Ill
  • Both

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I’m apparently a moron (also idiot) but did anyone else realize the SGS blend Bixby is only 12 oz? I thought I had burned through a pound of coffee in 10 days, which would be an all time record. I thought it was kind of steep at $20/16oz but not sure I can justify spending what amounts to $27/lb on coffee. Even Though it is really good.

This is the perfect tweet.

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Overton was the first guy I thought of! :laughing:

They spelled Tom C. wrong :confounded: hopefully we’ve got at least one winner in here.

I think Andrew V is @avess.



whoa another doxxing, ban him!


BK’s shirt is a richter scale, Bryson must be so jealous :rofl::sweat_smile::joy:

Brooks is looking a little rough.

Brendan’s lack of understanding the one and done today was at its peak, when he asked Andy if his One and Done was also his pick to win.


Andy’s take on lessons over equipment needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Any time my high-handicapped buddies ask what driver or wedge they should buy I immediately beg them to use it on a club pro instead. I don’t think a single one has ever listened.


Or, at the least, on a club fitter. As a former person like your buddies, I have now gotten fitted for irons and a driver and in both cases walked out with different clubs than I assumed I’d get (and what I would have bought if I hadn’t been fitted and seen the actual data.) Gotta get my fairway wood/hybrids and figure out what the hell I should be using, and honestly want to do the same with my putter. God knows the one I picked up a few years ago somewhat randomly is unlikely to be the best putter for me.