The Shotgun Start Podcast (Now a Shipping and Logistics Podcast? Also birthdays and nuptials)



Never mind… found it! Thanks any ways!

Wait what is the fire ants code for? I missed that promotion.

Also, thicc boi hats are gone and so are jumbo mugs. Good on all you SICKOS (not shotgunners)

15% off orders of $100 or more.

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@SpartanButters isn’t the hero we deserve… but he’s the hero we need. This in regards to Chantel McCabe’s interview with Brooksy:


I like to imagine that Brooks has just one friend whose a sicko and they’ve had one conversation along the lines of:

Friend: Man I listen to this podcast and this Butters guy has some crazy theories about you and DJ.
Brooks: Cool you nerd. What are they?
Friend: Oh that you make your schedule around avoiding weddings and DJ’s Whoop is more of a road beef avoidance system.
Brooks: Yah…lets make sure Jena never finds out about this.
Friend: The wedding thing or the sex tether thing?
Brooks: Both. Does Chase ever come up on that pod?
Friend: Rarely. But they do shit on Dru Love almost weekly.
Brooks: Good. That guy sucks.

We might have to bring The Real Housewives of Jupiter back.


No disrespect to anyone, but I hope everyone who bought the milkshake hat before I could plays their next round at a course that just punched their greens.


Tired: Brooksy only shows up for Majors

Wired: Brooksy only shows up for tournaments with a purse of $9.5 Mil or more.


What’s this gui’s deal and how did he even find me?


Probably loves the brooks theory

Full seriousness: these kids are really impressive

Possibly. But what does “it’s a terrible business” even mean? I’ll go full Dominic Raiola and stand shirtless in my front yard inviting people to say bad things about Dottie, Judy, vintage Tillman, Christina Kim on PGA Tour live, etc.and fight me.


I can’t breathe you guys.


I’ve been convinced it’s not actually him but someone playing the long game as performance art.


Dude, that entire tweet was a take quake. DL3’s wife falling asleep during sex. Brandle is a PK wannabe. I’m just amazed he didn’t block me for calling him Skeeter.


Is PK;

  • Drunk
  • Mentally Ill
  • Both

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I’m apparently a moron (also idiot) but did anyone else realize the SGS blend Bixby is only 12 oz? I thought I had burned through a pound of coffee in 10 days, which would be an all time record. I thought it was kind of steep at $20/16oz but not sure I can justify spending what amounts to $27/lb on coffee. Even Though it is really good.

This is the perfect tweet.

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