The Second Serve Mentality

Icarito’s “second serve” mentality in the latest match play video got me thinking about distance. When you back off the driver 20% for the finesse how much distance is actually lost? I don’t think it’s a direct ratio… anyone else seen a dramatic decrease in distance due to “slowing it down”

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I’ve tried swinging at 85% this year and gained 10-15 yards


And as my tennis coach used to say “you’re only as good as your second serve”


A lack of second serve pretty much killed my tennis career.


I had a ‘Rube’ problem with baseball in 10th grade. Had to physically gas everything to sustain any semblance of accuracy.

Way in on this concept.

And your competitive street-dancing career


Crazy what middle of the face and in the fairway does for overall distance.


I talk myself into swinging 80% and when I do it well…my club head speed/ball speed/smash factor all go up.


For the last few years I tried to throttle back my swing a little to keep things straight. But late last year I figured out that going all out with an occasional miss was better and worth the risk. If things get too out of control, obviously that hurts. But usually I can keep things mostly under control with only a hole or two with truly bad drives.

Ferrr sure and when I’m swinging it well, I definitely do that. Just nice to have another gear.

That’s interesting. I recently I started allowing myself to speed up a bit on my driver swing particularly because I was Intentionally trying to slow down and I think it was hurting/impeding my “natural swing.” Once I just started to give it a normal swing (85-90% juice) I was PIPING drives.

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On a day where I’m striping it, the harder I swing my driver the more confident I am. Things start to fall out of place if I slow it down.

Irons are a different story. I took a lesson last year and the instructor had me hit five 6-irons swinging normally (out of my shoes) and at what felt like 85%. Aside from one that I munched, there were negligible distance gains swinging hard af , but the shape, launch angle and dispersion were drastically better under reduced exertion.


absolutely agree. irons are different. all i focus on is taking a controlled swing, and take a divot post ball and i find i actually get same/more distance with better control.

Squaring up the ball produces more efficient distance then raw swing speed. And unless you are playing courses from the tips you don’t actually need to be hitting the ball 300. Most courses people like us would play is perfectly fine and gettable with 260-280 yard drives.

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I’m the Zach Johnson of amateur golfers. Don’t @ me!

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