The S#@&%$ (hosel-rockets)

Not quite as bad as The YIPS but still bad.

I currently have them, pretty consistently, with my irons. Playing on Sunday. It could be ugly.

FWIW, here’s the context: 13 ghin trying (at the direction of a teaching professional) to improve my impact position, specifically by getting my hips cleared and my right shoulder “under” my left shoulder, something like…

(I don’t look anything like this at impact. I basically just return to my address position.)

Anyway, in trying desperately to get into a better position at impact, I’ve started consistently hitting grounders that go dead right and not very far. (This shot might not meet the technical definition of a shank, but I’m not sure what else to call it.) This has been going on for a couple of weeks, long enough to begin to forget what it feels like to make remotely correct contact with the ball.

Please send help.

Hosel adjacent, avoid using the s-word at all costs. If I could make a recommendation, something that has always helped me when I feel a little out of whack, slow everything down. Feel like you’re swinging at 70-75% and just finding yourself making good/clean contact. Good luck!


Gah, sounds like the same thing I’ve been going through in trying to get to a better impact position. I’ve been working in the garage with a hitting net, and not sure I have much to show for the effort other than a golf ball embeded in the garage door from a particularly hosel adjacent strike.


Full disclosure, I’ve never taken formal lessons, so I don’t have the experience of having a teacher ask me to work on a specific move or something and have that mess with my mind. I’ve done it to myself a bit when trying to learn to hit new shots, however.

BUT, I’ve had the shanks and/or other stretches where I simply couldn’t put the ball on the clubface properly, whether due to a long layoff, an injury, a mental block, or just because golf.

What tends to help me is just to go start chipping (on the range). Take a club you’re good with, make small, chip swings, get the feeling of solid contact, even if it’s with a wedge. Then move up to an 8 or 7-iron. But keep chipping. Then move away from the chipping motion and keep a more normal stance, but just take very small, swings, like barely getting to your waist. The key is to focus on contact.

Then you can kind of work your way up to a more normal full swing.

This has helped me in the past when I’ve lost the club face. Sometimes it’s been essentially instantaneous. On at least one occasion I know it took more than one range session before it clicked back in with my full swing.

Will this work for everyone? No idea. I’m essentially self taught and have figured a lot out through feel and trial and error. And this probably won’t help get your right shoulder under your left (though I suppose you could work on being in that position while making smaller swings). But then again, nothing matters if you can’t make contact first anyway.

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Are you taking penicillin?

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I’ve dealt with this on and off. I think I have some underlying tendencies that cause me to come back to shanking the ball every once in a while. I can relate on how frustrating this is.

There are a lot of potential things that would be causing shanks, so there’s not one prescription for fixing this. But, here are two things that I’ll do when I get the shanks that seem to cure them fairly quickly. The first is this drill:

(video is a little infomercial-ly but it’s a solid drill)

The second thing I do is variant on that drill. I set up the balls a little further apart. I address the outside ball but then hit the inside ball. That cures it almost immediately for me (like 3 balls).

Good luck! Trust me, I feel your pain and feel awful for you. I came pretty close to quitting a couple of years back because I could not sort this out. But I plowed through it and immediately saw a rapid handicap drop. There is hope out there.

EDIT to add: Also, double check where your ball impacts the club face. You can use impact tape if you want, or just get some Dr. Scholls foot spray to spray on the club.


You’re a 13 so you have a good enough swing and have hit thousands of balls away from the hosel. I don’t have a drill so much as what to do if it happens to you - make yourself feel VERY uncomforable at address - grip up, grip down, mess with ball position (forward or back in stance, farther or closer away from you etc), whatever you like, and let your natural athleticism figure out how to hit the ball with the middle of the clubface. do it a few times and it goes away, then go back to your normal stance

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Focus on getting your chest open at impact not your hips.

Look at any picture of tour players at impact and their chest is open to their target. You can open your hips in the swing without opening your chest but you can’t open your chest without the hips following.

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Tie your left shoe in a double knot, turn your hat around, put a tee behind your left ear, and just hit the ball up the fairway.


What’s the deal with the second half of that video?

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Pretty much!

As a fellow sufferer of the periodic s-words… I feel your pain. It sucks standing over the ball trying to will yourself to be confident but having that nagging doubt in the back of your head.

Having just worked my way out of a particularly stubborn bout of “them”, I can attest to the drill that @DeadMan shared. That’s one that I return to whenever they pop up.
Another drill that really helped me recently was to set up by putting an object (headcover, golf tee, empty sleeve of balls, anything) just outside the ball. Like the length of one ball outside - almost uncomfortably close. Then make a half swing focusing on NOT hitting that outside object. You’ll hit a ton of pulls and hooks but they WON’T be shanks and that’s what we’re going for. Gradually move up to a full swing. Any time you hit the object outside the ball go back to a half swing.
What this does is build up your confidence/muscle memory of actually striking the ball with your clubface. Plus it trains you to swing inside-out - because if you’re aggressively outside-in you’ll absolutely hit the object.

No guarantee this works for you, but it’s what has been most effective for me. Good luck man! You’ll work through it in time. And be a better golfer when you’re out the other side.

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I get this every single season! This video is key for me:


This isn’t for the shanks but based on what you are trying to accomplish this might help.

Choke up to the club to the end of your grip and take your normal stance (so the club should be 6-8 inches above the ball). Start with a half back swing and simply hit shots. That 6 inches or so will make your drop (therefore clearing your hips and getting your shoulders in the correct alignment). The goal here isn’t to just make contact, but hit good shots (good contact, good ball flight).

As you get better at it, make a bigger back swing. This drill is very hard to do, but also very hard to cheat on.

(P.S. I have the same issue of only getting back to address and not a true impact position)

Every summer I get the S word at least once. I’ve tried every drill in the book - some help for a few minutes, some don’t help at all.

The only way I’ve found to make them go away is to head to the range with 3 large bucket of balls, a wedge, set up in the farthest bay to the right as I can, and just go to town. I’ll hit 50 sh***s in a row like this and not even care - I can just feel the demons leaving my body with every swing. Every additional sh***s I hit I just can feel myself becoming one ball closer to having them out of my system.

Sometime’s I feel like you’re trying so hard to block against the s***k, that you end up hitting them even more. Embrace the s***k. Expect the s***k. And eventually, once you’ve spent one to two nights at the range and gone through a few hundred balls, you’ll feel like yourself again. But the quickest remedy? Steer straight into the skid my friend.


I just had to do my first title change here - I can’t keep coming into this forum and seeing THAT word. My mental fragility could cause serious problems when I play tomorrow!


My thanks and apologies. I’m new-ish here and still learning the proper etiquette.


Once I learned to laugh at my latest Josel Cuervo, no matter the circumstances, I noticed the bouts became infrequent and limited to a single instance. And then it becomes easier to laugh at them.

Also, I took to hitting some shots at every range session without looking at the ball. I don’t think I’ve ever Cuervo’d one of those, although there are many tops and the occasional whiff. The point is that getting too technical is a Cuervo trap.


This came up two or three weeks ago for me during a miserable day but I still wanted to get out and play and not walk off the course. Personally, being on the shorter side I try to stand as tall as possible to get my hands as tall as possible at the top of the swing. I have a pretty steep angle of attack with irons and wedges but still from the inside and standing tall moves my stance close to the ball (when it works its awesome but very hard to clear lower body and never a text book position for shoulders at impact). If I hit two S!@#$%^ in a row I back the stance up which in turn creates more spine angle and better shoulder rotation. If you’re in a match or outing and need an emergency reset I just try to feel like I’m reaching for it at all costs (choking up and standing farther away as others have said). I’m definitely working on making similar changes with my shoulders at impact as well though regardless of s!@#$% showing up or not.

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I have been getting veeeeeeery hostel adjacent recently. Currently going through a dramatic change in stance where I am standing at least 25 per cent closer to the ball. Had a range session this morning where I was firing then off the hostel with a frequency that would make big Randy blush.