The Rule Followers Party

Just wanted to see how many managed to follow the rules of this election.

I think Moderators will be helpful and take a load off of the NLU gang, while leaving them in the ultimate position of Supreme Court with the FINAL decision.

My most pressing pledge would be to see if there is a better way to work the threading in this forum- too often I’ve got to click on replies and original posts in order to see what the actual topic was. This is probably also why some people don’t actually replay but just make a post- often hard to figure out what they’re talking about.

A minor platform would be on the changing of topic names. I get that it is fun to mess around with, but I believe that the original topic creator should be able to approve any changes to their topic name. I think most still would, but some times they wouldn’t most to.

As far as Moderators, I have no way in hell to figure that part out.



Just kidding. Kind of. There are real rules and there are fake refuge rules, might be good to distinguish/establish.

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Off topic, but I am unable to create a new thread in the Refuge Elections section. Im a Nest member. What gives?

It’s a deep state conspiracy!


I don’t believe it until I see some conspiracy merch.


@auribe14 Very interesting ideas! Looking forward to discussing further throughout the campaign!