The Royal & Ancient Company of Dishonourable Golfers - Golf Society


Because we are Dishonourable!


Interested in NE chapter; live outside of Philly.


Welcome! Happy to have you join. Keep an eye out for a DM with information on how to join our chapters WhatsApp group. Hope you have your winter gear ready for our first meetup


Yes, for now.

We need to tidy it up and check that the artwork is copyright free, but it’ll be somewhere along these lines.

One caveat, this is the chapter logo. The one that each chapter tweaks with a different hat to make it their own (UK has a top hat, NE has a visor etc). The society one has the whole sheep.


But, but…your Grace? Do we not operate out of International Waters?
We honor the laws of no country or copyright!


It’s a fair point Laz. It’s a fair point.

I mean, were taking a bit of a gamble with the name for a start. I’m half expecting a C&D from the R&A at some point…


Pirates of sort. Truly dishonorable indeed.


Did the creators of Charlie’s Angels call the Hell’s Angels in advance? No! Better to ask forgiveness than permission.


It’s the motto I live by!


I guess it could be the Respectable & Admirable Company of…hahahahaha nevermind.


I have a cunning plan laying in wait should it be an issue. First of all, they own neither the word Royal nor the word Ancient, so using them in the context of another, longer name should be fine. But should they claim that the combination suggests an affiliation to the R&A we can change it to the Ancient & Royal Company etc.

Mwah ha ha ha. They don’t call me an evil genius for nothing.


Ok, I’m now in after a thorough read of the thread & conturution.

Signed up on the google Doc for GB&I. And tagged in Glasgow on the map!




This is the full society logo, correct? Was there any issue in having the NLU logo snuck in there or did we opt to remove? Sick work by @clayreierson either way.


Yes, this is currently the main logo. Then the single sheep heads for individual chapters.

We just decided amongst us to drop the NLU silhouette, lest we get in trouble.


If the name is an issue, maybe The Royally Dishonorable Golfing Society. I think I changed it to an adverb there so no affiliation with the R&A at all!


Merry Christmas (and other religious festivals where appropriate) to the RACDG crew. Look forward to some golf with you guys in 2019.


Second that! :slight_smile:


If this is still in the works, I’d love to tag along!


Most definitely! It’s the winter so it’s going a little slowly but there are lots of chapters all gearing up for meets in the spring.

Where are you based?