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San Francisco

Not sure if that’s North West or South West? I love Bandon, so I’m going North West



And it’s entirely up to each member where they choose to identify with, geography be damned! You’re the third person in the PNW so there’s now the bones of a chapter there. :slight_smile:


Just added my name to the U.S. South from Austin, Texas


Hey - I’m your second Western EU member, also based in Amsterdam. Would be great to get looped into any Europe or GB&I chats.


Thats 2 out of Amsterdam…! Join us on the GB&I chat


I’m feeling a wee RACDG trip to Holland in the works…


Free this weekend?


Confirms we were on the mark with our logo’ing


What’s the craic campers? I’ve had no chat outta any of you for a few days.

Anyone play today? I did. It was pretty bleak. Played … okay.


We’re in the midst of planning our first event in January. Bold and ambitious out of the Northeast. It has been dubbed The Shackleton.

Nut Up. Layer Up. Shut Up.


Have you guys thought about a date yet? I might try to turn up…!


January 26th. Bring your thermals.




oh boy… Bold & ambitious in deed :rofl:

They are calling for 3-5 inches of Ice/Snow mix here this weekend, sounds like real good distance conditions if anyone will be around Oklahoma.


Nothing better than ice golf! And while I generally hate ice storms I’m hoping this weekend will help expedite some tree removal at my course.


Just signed up. For what I’m not exactly sure. Who ever said nothing good comes easy? Sad to see so few people in LA, but NLU is a pretty regional follow.


It’s funny how the regional concentrations have shown up in RACDG membership. The two biggest groups are Midwest East and Midwest West! The entire west coast is pretty scant.

I was wondering why this is and came up with weather as a totally unscientific reason. If you love golf but can’t golf you listen to golf and chat to other golfers. But if the course is always open, you golf.


I’m loving that it’s called The Shackleton btw! Totally within the bounds of silliness that I envisaged. Good form. :slight_smile:


I CANNOT WAIT for the Midwest east vs. Midwest west bash.

Already a bit of trash being talked in the east chat. Going to make the west boys sorry for stealing our Chicago comrades.

**it should be noted that I’m excited to watch. Kind of just talking up the sticks in our group, of which I am not one.


I think this could be an epic rivalry. Like Adidas v Puma.