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Thanks for the heads up! Any ideas on how their sizing runs?


It tends to run relatively true to size, but I always favor the smaller with them if you want an athletic fit. I’m a skinny 6’2, and I’ve been really pleased with most of their mediums and even a small or two for polos. Pull-overs and jackets are truly tts, though. I have several “larges”, just as I would with most other quarter-zips.


Yeah, so on the Google Doc, if you scroll to the right there is a column where you can list secondary, and even tertiary chapters. :slight_smile:


Other good times in the US are Noon and 6PM Eastern time because a lot of people have a tendency to scroll through social media while eating.


Sad but true!


Relatively new here, love the idea! Added my info to Midwest - West.


Welcome @golfguy24 :slight_smile:


Pretty new here but very excited for this. Added info in for PNW


Been lurking on the refuge for a bit now but finally going to reply to a thread.

I am def. interested in this. And I think I may be the first female sign up?

Burlington, NJ here (outside Philly)

Yay golf!


Anyone in NJ/NY want to get together for a round at Francis Byrne Golf Club. Just heard about it on latest Fried Egg pod. Located 45 Min west of NYC. Thinking some Saturday or Sunday morning if the weather breaks…


Yes! NE the first to go coed.

Welcome @ChickPhilA


Yay! Finally a girl. Now we can golf. :slight_smile:


Absolutely, let’s keep an eye on the weather for Dec and Jan. Located in NYC so will make the trip work


It’s a fun course to play in West Orange I’ve gone around it a few times and would be happy to join up and get out there with y’all again


Welcome to the NE chapter very happy to have you!


Thrown my name in the sheet…because why not?


Welcome :slight_smile:


What a great idea! I’m a Brit living in Spain (Madrid area) but I travel back to UK fairly often. Looking at the google doc it seems like joining the GB&I chapter is the obvious thing to do until there are more EU or Spanish members


Hi @Markos and welcome!

Yes, until we get enough members I Spain / Portugal for an Iberian chapter I’m afraid you’re lumbered with us in GB&I. We have a Dutch member already in the fold so I’ll loop you in…


Milwaukee, Wisconsin