The Royal & Ancient Company of Dishonourable Golfers - Golf Society


Can’t wait for the first GB&I meet battling for The Shut… although I’ve got my eye on The Hangover Cup at Moortown, suits my game better me thinks :joy:


I expect the scoring for the Hangover Cup to be unexceptional!


Guys, especially my new guys:

Putting yourself on the map is great, but you’re NOT DONE. Add yourself to the Google Doc so your captain can get a hold of you.


NE Chapter has been cooking up some chapter specific logo ideas. Here is one of our contenders


The Baaaaaahd boys of the bent grass.


People of the world… behold the Society poem what I did write while on the shitter:

If Crenshaw, Coore, Colt and Doak
MacKenzie, Ross, and Braid was woke,
Then give us Vardon, Gil and Raynor
Charlie B, Tillinghast and Taylor.
For we don’t want no Bob Trent Jones,
Dye’s only good for flying drones.
Jack is whack, but Fazio’s his chorus
They can’t hold a candle to Old Tom Morris.




the NE chapter is way ahead of the game, wonder what the rest of the chapters are doing?


So much going on in the refuge right now


GB&I is fully engaged. By that I mean we’re remorsely taking the piss out of each other and not committing to anything. But it’ll happen soon enough once we all get bored banterising. That’s how we roll.

Still waiting on a Capitan to step forward for Midwest West, Mid Atlantic and Texas. I don’t think any of them are man enough…


@IlliniGolferHack stepped up to be captain for the midwest-west group and a message thread has been started. No specific plans set at the moment, but we’re all in the long winter doldrums up here anyways.


GB&I is all good. I was trying to explain the concept to my wife the other day. To say she didn’t quite get it was an understatement.

Me: I’m really exited about my golf weekend in April
Wife: you’re just back from 4 days in Spain playing golf
Me: Yes, but this is different. It’s the RACDG.
Wife: What the fuck is that?
Me: It’s a golf society with guys from NLU
Wife: What the fuck is NLU?
Me: That golf podcast I listen to. I’ve got a towel and a hat too.
Wife: Eh? Who are these people?
Me: I don’t know. Just golf nerds like me
Wife: So, you don’t know these people?
Me: Eh, well. I kinda know them. We have a WhatsApp group.
Wife: So you’re planning a golf weekend with guys you’ve never met from a golf podcast.
Me: Yes. It’ll be great.
Wife: Where is it?
Me: Leeds
Wife: Leeds? Wtf? Do they even have golf in Leeds?
Me: Oh yes. It’s a Mackenzie. The Cad says it’s a great track.
Wife: Who is the Cad?
Me: He’s actually referred to as Your Grace. It’s part of the constitution.
Wife walks off.
Me: I’ll pencil it in to the calendar then. Excellent.


Maybe it’s Midwest East we’re missing…




host the RACDG Masters at BCN


Now there’s an idea…


Many a night I’ve stirred in bed trying to fathom why my equation doesn’t compute:

BCN is to RACDG as Augusta is to the PGA Tour.


Dear Midwest-East,

Midwest-West has stolen all of your Chicago brethren.

No apologies,
Certus et Celer


That’ll learn them for slacking. You snooze you lose.


My convo with the wife went over surprisingly well. And then when the BCN letter came it was just poetic justice.

Just one example of the benefits of the global society…even if they aren’t directly related.

Reaction was “I don’t really get it but whatever. Sounds like something you’d like. It doesn’t cost anything? Yea cool can we talk about something else”