The Royal & Ancient Company of Dishonourable Golfers - Golf Society. The Brits make a Podcast!

Thanks, and hoping for the best! I’ll certainly be in touch if it all lines up.


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Do you know what dates you’ll actually be here?

As of now, it’s supposed to be Nov. 7-18. Depending on quarantines, etc, that may change, and obviously with COVID keeping things up in the air, it can change whether the trip happens at all pretty quickly.

If you’re travelling for work, that is allowed under the local lockdown restrictions ! So if you were to travel into Swansea for work purposes, you can still do all your usual bits inside of Swansea, including playing golf so if you do make the trip and you do work inside if Swansea, drop me a message and we’ll sort something out !

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Will let you know as soon as I know something!

Guise, today is the very last day to sign up to join us in Brooksville, FL to play World Woods at the 2020 RACDG Florida Shut!

We are literally calling to give back additional tee times TODAY!

Every event, be it a Refuge event or other, needs a lineup video and ideally this narrator. Fantastic.


We’ve been telling him the same thing!

Hi Guys,

Been a Refuge and Nest member for a while now. How the heck this managed to not catch my attention until now is beyond me. How do I join up with my NY society? Based in Syracuse so middle of the pack.


Just jump into the Google sheet and message the NYC Metro Captain. Who is @HibernatingBear (Chris) btw. He’ll get you up and running…

Welcome to the mad house!

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Syracuse is quite far from most of us but we got @Cinnamon holding down the (Ticonderoga) fort in Albany and we’re more than happy to have you join are crew. Shoot me a DM and I can get you all sorted. Welcome!!


More photo’s from the RACDG LowCal chapter battle:


Just jumped into the sheet under Texas. Hope I didn’t mess anything up!

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Nope. All good! :smiley:

@clayreierson is in charge of Texas. Clay, can you hook a flocker up…

I moved to Nebraska about 6 months ago, I thought we passed the torch :grimacing:


Sorry, my bad! Who’s in charge of Texas now?

I tried passing it off to a few guys, but I think it may be running rudderless right now. When I moved the WhatsApp chat was getting about as much action as a nun. I think Texas needs to be split into 4 regions so it’s more feasible for people to meet up.


I’ll get on that. I was thinking of splitting up Texas and the Mid West chapters as geographically they’re unwieldy…

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Finally getting all over this

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Our RACDG northeast chapter kind of split off into a Boston-centric WhatsApp chat, and includes a few non-NLU folks who are nonetheless golf obsessed. There are 68 people and it’s the best.

Either way, a LONG Harry Potter discussion popped off yesterday and culminated with this gem, which tempted me to detonate the entire thread because nothing will top it.