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That’s what rain gear and fleece is for.

Hi @The_Cad_Says,
Hope all well?
Would love to know how I could get involved in one of the chapters? I’m living in London.


It’s easy. You just have to ask!

I’ll DM you and loop you in…

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Hi - I am also interested in being involved in my local chapter - I’m also in the London area.


I’m Welsh! Flying the flag solo it seems.

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Well boys / boyos, you’d both be more than welcome!

DM me your numbers and I’ll get you looped in tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Please ignore. Just commenting so I’ll see this tread more.


Don’t tell me how to live my life. You getting out to golf this week?


Yet to be determined. 4 month old and a wife working from home. It’s a balancing act to get a round in

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You don’t need to comment to see threads. You can “watch” threads.

I’ve always wondered how many people on here actually know how to use the site. It took me over a year to figure out how to figure it all out.

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Ah didn’t know that. I’ve just noticed that when I comment on threads they appear in the unread drop down so I see them better. But thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep that in mind

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This gives a great overview on the options for handling thread notifications

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Please unsubscribe me from this thread. Thanks.


Technically correct, but I’m here for the comments so keep 'em coming

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I’ve shared this to some but I don’t believe I’ve mentioned this on the Refuge:

NYC Metro began a year long Presidents Cup (i.e. matchplay with strokes) tournament. Since we are still fairly strict in the NYC tri-state area it allows us to get out with others while still practicing social distancing protocols and also compete. We’re hoping to have the final tied to the end of season tournament which will more than likely be our Shut at Rock Spring in October.



We have a similar going in the UK. There are 130+ of us now though so we have 3 KO comps in the South East, the Midlands / North and one in Scotland. We have a fun idea to then runa Champion of champions at some point…


@Double_Bogey_Dave we should do this in the Carolinas.



While we have a manageable crew at this point I split it into regions so people didn’t have far to drive for their first couple of rounds. So we have a Westchester/CT region, NJ and NYC/LI. It’s been working out great so far. Started last week and all first round matches should be done by next weekend.


Keep waiting to see a sheep logo with a liberty bell hanging from its mouth pop up